TMZ is reporting that the fighting on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” has gotten so out of control that the powers that be have  banned the stars of the show from partying while non-cast members are around.

Sources tell TMZ that it all stems from concerns from a liability aspect. Producers think they’ll expose themselves to huge lawsuits if an innocent bystander gets hurt when a fight breaks out during filming of the show.

Show producers allegedly held an emergency meeting to discuss the massive brawl that jumped off at the new restaurant that show castmates Stevie J and Benzino recently opened. As we previously reported, several cast members and some non-cast members were injured and it’s not a good look for the show.

Take a look at the fight in question in the video below!

Producers are said to be anxious about a huge lawsuits that might be filed on the behalf of those innocent citizens who get caught in the crossfire of a brawl. So they’re enforcing new rules…no more filming parties that have regular non cast people in them.

So it’s okay for them to bash each other’s skulls in with bottles etc but just as long as they don’t hit anyone that is not a member of the cast? Ohh…okay then.


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