Goodness triumphs over bad.

The notorious George Zimmerman vs. DMX celebrity boxing match is off!

The fight’s promoter, Damon Feldman, went on Twitter earlier today and did the right thing. He officially announced that the fight has been canceled.

Other than massive public pressure, we’re not sure what turned things around. Anyway, we do know that part of Feldman’s tweet said, “more to life then money.”

He also added: “Just looked at my son and daughter today wow I’m so lucky those people must be in so much pain … all you people are right.”

Hmm, he might wanna explain what he means by “those people.”

20 thoughts on “George Zimmerman Vs. DMX Celebrity Boxing Match is Officially Cancelled!

  1. He should have looked at his children before he made the decision to hurt the parents of Trayvon Martin! I have no sympathy for his late awakening nor do i believe him. So when I hear the name, Damon Feldman presents anything I will NOT support it! Funny though I never heard of him prior to this so even if it was a self promoting endeavor he is a horrible person!

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  3. By “those people” he meant Trayvon’s parents. Because he looked at his children he realized just how much pain Trayvon’s parents must be in to not have their son anymore.

  4. he means the family wen he say those ppl….and im pretty sure zimmerman backed out like the pussy he is…if i was him n i was a rational person id know that after murdering a black boy…fighting a black man in front of millions was probably gonna b my death ticket…if anyone thinks for a second that this country was gonna allow that fight to happen without the result being zimmermans demise then those ppl do not know my america….cuz i know wen the law dnt work…we take shit into our own hands….ppl shoulda let em fight…dmx shoulda beat the life out of him…literally…n then got off…considering b4 goin into that fight zimmerman woulda had to sign papers stateing he understood that no one is responsable if he dies or suffers injuries due to the fight….i wish they woulda let that shit happen…on paper veiw…mayb the world woulda finally felt justice had been served

  5. I am so over George Zimmerman, I don’t know what to do, I’m sick of him, I’m sick of people trying to defend this child killer/woman beater, this man just need to go away, get a life, get a job, and stop trying to capitalize, on the fact that he was acquitted for killing an unarmed boy. This so called boxing match was a very bad idea to begin with, GZ, and DMX, are both losers.

  6. the Timekeeper on said:

    Now, we are being downright paranoid The only thing he eant by those people” were the people who complianed ( and rightfully so) about the fight. there is enough real stuff going on without trying to manufacture more. there were a lot of people of all races wh took to twitter and other media outlets to complain about thisfight,t wasnt just blacks. Too many are raisng an issue where thi just Isnt one. I am very glad this fight was called off, Zimmerman is not clebrity, nor is he famous He is Infamous. But the comment people are getting worked up about. Get over yurselves, there is no controversy, and he doesnt need to expain anhthing, His comment was self explanatory.

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  8. It would seem that he’s referring to “The Martins” (Trayvon’s parents & family). He said “after looking at MY own kids…..” (as in “parental”).

    • Ebony52 on said:

      I will agree that most likely Deuce you are right that he meant the Martin family, but what you have to remember that some people who belong to the Black and even some other races do not take kindly to the statement”those people” and the reason is more often than less when being described using that statement it was meant in a negative way.

      • Get over yourself on said:

        So why not ALWAYS assume people mean something bad. Shame on him for not saying The Martin Family, which would also be offensive to some since his mother’s last name isn’t Martin. Let’s see, what other kind of non-offensive things can I seek out offense from…. The writer of the article asking the question is just another example of the “media” trying to create controversy where there really is none. They know, otherwise, people would read their crap.

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