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Just because you’re saved doesn’t mean you can’t get a little nasty, right? In this edition of Ask Professor Wiley, a man explains how he loves the woman his wife has become in Christ, but wants some of her old ways back when it comes to the bedroom. Listen to the audio player to hear what a good Christian would do and what Marcus D. Wiley would do in this situation!

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Is It Possible To Be Saved & Freaky? was originally published on

2 thoughts on “Is It Possible To Be Saved & Freaky?

  1. Otherwise both of you are Freaks or Saved..the woman & man becomes can’t say he’s doing that to me NO both of you are doing it. Agreed to be Freaky or Saved. So don’t do that! Lol or that! Omygoodness don’t DO THAT either!

  2. Have you ever seen the word Freak in scripture along side of marriage or sex or knowing a woman? There’s your answer. God will not be mocked whatever a man soweth that he shall also reap. Don’t sow freaky won’t get freaky…Lol

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