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First let me start by giving my condolences to the Martin family on what would have been the week of Trayvon Martin‘s 19th birthday, had he not been killed by an over zealous neighborhood watchman with a gun, George Zimmerman.

That said, I know I have to keep it clean on morning radio.

But what the blank is wrong with DMX and George Zimmerman? And who the blank is stupid enough to watch, let alone promote a match up with those two idiots?

Let’s talk DMX first.

First, he has an admitted problem with substances such as crack cocaine. He was reportedly arrested more than15 times in 2013 alone. There’s video of him running naked through the halls of a Detroit hotel last year.

He couldn’t even be bothered to show up for an appearance on the Wendy Williams show late last year after the show paid thousands to fly him to New York. As a matter of fact he was arrested on the way to the airport for driving on a suspended license and who knows what.

His wife has said publicly that his substance abuse has cost them their fortune, some $40 million dollars.

I won’t go on except to say he needs help. He thinks that help is a gimmick to make a quick buck. But that’s not the kind of help he needs.

Now to George Zimmerman.

George Zimmerman told radar-online the celebrity boxing match was his idea. It was also his idea to follow an unarmed teenager because he thought he looked suspicious. It was also his idea after his acquittal to visit the company that made the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin.

It was his idea to speed through Texas weeks after his trial.

It was his idea to allegedly threaten to  kill his girlfriend weeks after that same trial. And it was his idea to allegedly not pay his defense attorneys; one of whom now works for CNN and claims Zimmerman you hasn’t paid him.

I’m sure like DMX, George Zimmerman needs a gimmick for a quick buck.

But that buck should not be made on the back of a dead teenager.

I for one will be standing my ground by having no part in the DMX/George Zimmerman circus act if it happens.

And I urge you all to do the same.

35 thoughts on “George Zimmerman, DMX: Don’t Make a Buck on the Back of a Dead Teen

  1. yele99 on said:

    Zimmerman has had many media personalities being very charitable in their assessment of george zimmerman over the past year or so eg. Geraldo rivera sean hannity bill orielly. Maybe the should don the gloves to promote a little love for zimmerman and his.charities. no need to pinp dmx to make a few dollars.

  2. yele99 on said:

    Zimmerman could fight ted nugett or sean hannity or rush limbaugh. It is to help the animals after all and the mentioned 3 are/were hiis biggest cheerleaders so they shouldn’t mind helping the fellow brother out. After all zimmerman shooting trayvon did give all three topic material for over a year.

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      He could fight those individuals but it’s unlikely. After all they were “on his side” regarding Trayvon Martin. Ted Nugent, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh as far as Zimmerman is concerned are his allies not his adversaries.

  3. yele99 on said:

    We need to remember that zimmerman dropped a boy with one shot(pun intended). Zimmerman if he is serious needs to fight a grownass man such as jon jones or rampage jackson. Both fighers are to be frisked to ensure no unfair advantage.

  4. JanCorey on said:

    He’s not making a buck on the back of a dead teen, he’s making money from engaging into a fight. The dead teen caused his own death, which was a much needed death imo.

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      Really? Then why has Zimmerman been going around saying the fight is for charity. Hmmm…maybe it is. The charity happens to be George Zimmerman. He can’t get a job, too hot, no one will hire him.

      • JanCorey on said:

        I would hire him, Ivan, ohhh no, that proves Ivan wrong yet again. At least you are consistent at always being wrong on your rants Ivan. God bless and always be armed.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Ohh my goodness Ivan, you’re wrong again, but at least you are consistent at being wrong. God bless George Zimmerman and thank God that Trayvon is now dead as a direct result of his felonious crimes against victim-Zimmerman.

  5. americanize. on said:

    people who are close to DMX should tell him this is not a good idea,an not to be a part of this bullsh* may ur soul rot in hell.

  6. WHO is promoting this farce? Let’s find out the name of the person or company who is so lowlife as to promote George Zimmerman! I know DMX stays loaded which is why he would be the wrong person to whip Zimmerman’s a$$ as he would deserve to get, but what would be even better, since this was Zimmerman idea and somehow he’s convinced he is a celebrity now, is FOR EVERYONE TO BOYCOTT AND/OR PROTEST THIS CRAP ALTOGETHER!! PLEASE PEOPLE DON’T PAY FOR THIS BECAUSE YOU CAN BET ZIMMERMAN WILL BENEFIT FROM THIS! Trayvon couldn’t get justice from the pathetic people of Sanford, Florida and he deserved to, but his family doesn’t deserve to know that this POS benefited from killing their child, and nor do we!!!!

  7. Pepper on said:

    This is crazy…I agree not only black people wakeup, anyone with any sense should wakeup. DO NOT EVEN SPEND ANY TIME ENTERTAINING THIS MADNESS. We let Trayvon down once..don’t do it again.

  8. I completely agree with this article. Zimmerman needs to go crawl under a rock and disappear. It’s bad enough he never apologized or showed remorse for killing Trayvon Martin, but now he wants to capitalize off of the fame for doing it. Big DISRESPECT. I will not be supporting this boxing match. However tempting it is to see his a$$ get beat down.

  9. AdrijaPutinasfaa on said:

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  10. I think Don painted a more negative picture of DMX than of Zimmerman. After all, DMX didn’t murder an innocent kid. I do believe DMX like most people wants revenge on Zimmerman.

  11. Josie Ellis on said:

    How can decent people promote this, especially black people. I am with Don Lemmon I will stand my ground , and not support or watch this madness. Please join me.

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      Who’s to say black people are among the promoters? Chances are that they would be the consumers. Once upon a time there was a trait called decency. It got shoved aside in this age of instant celebrities or folks who cannot stay out of the news or from in front of a camera. can help by not giving George Zimmerman this kind of attention.

    • Wildflower on said:

      Timekeeper I agree. I was racking may brain trying to figure out why that child killer would be trying to enter into a “celebrity” boxing match.

  12. I definitely would not call this a celebrity match-up. As a Gen-Xer/Hip-Hopper (thanks Dr. C. West, and Prof. M. E. Dyson for the change in name), I grew up on DMX and he back then seemed to be a one day Lifetime Achievement Award winner. Now, he looks like every other poor man of color that made millions and couldn’t differentiate between building wealth, and squandering the gift he was given. Anyway, my point is this is absurd and for millions of Americans who think African Americans should move on from Jim Crow days, forget about inequality, stop pulling the race card, here is plain evidence why we need to remain in suspicion of those concepts and ideologies. A young african american who never got to attend his high school senior prom is dead by the hands of a grown 200+ lbs man who is publically proclaiming that he was a boxer in training, but couldn’t handle the fast hands of a 17 year 165 lbs. kid and had to shoot him. If I was going to pay to see this massive idiot fight someone, it would have to be Tracy Martin. He deserves the opportunity to tear this massive idiot to shreads for stealing his bloodline away from him. Taking his future moments of fatherly pride away, robbing him of standing as a groomsmen at his son’s wedding, stealing an opportunity to sit and have a cold beer while talking politics with his would have been adult son.

  13. priska conrad on said:

    Why is society saying celebrity match zimmerman is a murder we should be ashamed for promoting this making him famous for killing a teenager smh

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