A white woman called into “The D.L. Hughley Show” to express her concerns about the controversial  interracial Cheerios commercial. Listen to the audio player to hear her explain why interracial families should not represent cereal companies and why she feels the commercial was offensive and inappropriate.


42 thoughts on “White Caller Explains Why Interracial Families Shouldn’t Represent Cereal Companies [EXCLUSIVE]

  1. For G Etit on said:

    Watch this but it is not real. This is a skit set-up by the DL Hughley show. Hey you lemmings that believe this was real, pull your heads out and get some air.

  2. DuVonne T. Moore on said:

    Hilariously peculiar is what THIS call was! Whether it was designed to boost ratings or not, it was a waste of air time. Besides, her argument was never clearly stated. Was she upset about an interracial family eating cereal, or upset about seeing an interracial couple on television period? Her calling privileges and service need to be revoked.

  3. Erie johnson on said:

    Is this real DL. That’s the question everyone wants to know. Was this a playful skit or is their really someone in our society allowed to interact with other people out there like this?

  4. This is the stupidest thing I ever heard I am offended by her comments. My family is interracial and I don’t like to hear stupid comments from so called high class white ladies with their stupid opinions on how a family should look or what type of cereal they should eat if u got a problem don’t watch the commercial and keep your stupid ass comments to yourself and all your high class white friends.

    Fyi I am a white woman the is totally and extremely pissed by this!!!!

  5. That woman sounded oddly similar to the woman who called into the radio station about deer crossings, which was later proven to be a hoax to stir up ratings for the show. Did anyone do an audio comparison?

  6. WOW! As a member of the society of concerned cereal eaters??????? Well let me say as a member of society in general I am worried about that woman!!! I am white and let me say that because Capt. Crunch is white that does not mean that only white people can eat that cereal!!! That “lady” is an embarrassment to society and should not be allowed to speak to anyone. From her first statement I was shocked that people could act like her. WAKE UP LADY IT’S 2014 NOT 1814!!!!!!

  7. Unbelievable! I am white and would like to say that she is not representative of whites, maybe of idiots and racists but not all whites! Hard to believe in this day and age that someone so ignorant exists!

  8. Wow it just let’s you know that racism is alive and kicking. Unbelievable that she is serious. Wow
    I hope she not thinking that only white people makes cereal for white people? I wonder if she has seen the commercial for Post’s Honey and oats. Fake or real its Wow!

  9. Paul Phillips on said:

    Is this bitch serious. I’m black and I’m proud. When I saw the commercial I thought it was perfectly fine. But your dumbass had to go fuck shit up. Are you saying that only whites can eat cereal when yet the president of the United States is an African American man who I’m sure loves cereal who is also trying to put this country back together from what a white man did. Your bitch ass worried about some fucking cereal. It’s people lick your snotty stuck up bitch ass who fucking piss me off. You can’t seem to get past the fact that our skin color has nothing to do with our personality and don’t forget we all look the same under our skin you dumb bitch

  10. Susan Golay on said:

    What planet is she from OMG she is an embarrassment to “white”people. I LOVE the radio hosts comments. How can you possibly respond to some one like her with out make fun of it. She is the fruit loop. lol

  11. This woman is such a stupid bitch! What does she think this world is? It is made up of all kinds of people, black, white, yellow, red, etc. She is the reason there is hate in this world. She needs to keep her stupid opions to her self!!! I hate people like her!!!

  12. This bitch is cooked. Se seriously needs help! I’m white, my husband is black and spanish, and our son is mixed! I love seeing this on tv, it’s reality.. and i think they should make more commercials and shows and movies involving mixed families.. this way when my son is older and he’s scrolling through the tv he doesn’t only see what people like this idiot think families ‘should look like’, he’ll see real life families, families like his and ALOT of other children in society now a days!

  13. I honestly didn’t know what all talk was about, so I watched the commercial. I still couldn’t figure it out. So I looked it up and I couldn’t believe it! Really? All I saw was a cute family, not race. Lead by example and kindness people. Change is slow but it’s still change.

  14. Tamecka on said:

    That woman is so ignorant. Racism has no place in the present, it is one of the factors that erode the structure of a positive society. She shouldn’t be allowed to have children or socialize with any child incase she may spread her hateful, ignorant venom to future generations.

  15. That commercial is based on a little girl who loves her father very much and wants him to stay healthy. People need to stop making everything into a racial thing. Who cares if the people were black, white, Chinese, Italian, Irish, etc. This upsets me very much. I’m an Italian, Catholic, Caucasian woman who had an Afro-American step mother for 25 years. We sat at the same table for Sunday dinners, holidays, birthdays etc. Her children and my brother and I had respect for each other and the mention of black, white or anything else didn’t matter to us. Even now, after both my Dad and his wife passed, we are still in contact with each other. We celebrate their memory as any family should. They are both gone now 20 years. So even back then..it was acceptable. So why the world has changed..it’s very sad. People need to change their way of thinking…we were all put on this earth for a reason, for a purpose and I don’t think being a racist was one of them.

  16. Black_Icefa02 on said:

    Its a Prank call. There is no such thing as the SCCE and Special K is a rapper. That should have tipped you all off. You’ve been had.

  17. Kenneth Wilson on said:

    why even entertain her she is as we already know us people of color that this is never going to change but I bet you your sweet —— she takes off on Martin Luther King Day enough said

  18. shawna on said:

    She is a whack job. That dumb *itch doesn’t represent all us white people. She is out of her damn mind and needs to be heavily medicated. Wow I cant believe what I just heard. Shameful 😦 ….she is very disturbed. I hope she is not teaching her kids to think this way!!! Take her ovaries immediately. Plzzzz 😦

  19. All: “All” of your nonsense comment doesn’t negate the FACT that there are also lots of Fat & Ugly black men, white men, and white women. I guess fat & ugly comes in all races. Which one do you fall under? LOL

  20. Camella Jenkins on said:

    I didn’t listen to the audio, no need to. Just reading the headline was enough to see that the caller is an idiot living in the past. Don’t like it don’t watch it, shut up and say nothing about it. When will people realize interracial couples aren’t just black and white people? There are many other interracial couples out there, including interracial by ethnic group.

    • I’m sorry that one commenter thinks that those who think the complaint was fake are only white. It’s not that. What tipped me off to it being fake was the ‘Concerned Cereal Eaters’ Fake, totally, and either the Hughley show is trying to drum up some action because it’s Black History Month, or else the woman calling is playing a practical joke. Maybe both. There are very few ‘unscripted’ things out there. Regardless, Cheerios is laughing all the way to the bank, here.

  21. EvieHartmanvet on said:

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  22. Beloved Love on said:

    Why do we continue to be amazed at these ignorant people? who cares what an idiot thinks, or feels about another race. I hope white serial hater chokes on her captain crunch ony to have a crew of minority paramedics come to watch her die in her stupitity. Do not resusitate stupidity, please stop taking calls from these ignorant demons. She is a new breed of inbread, i cannot even believe she is real!

  23. Chuck M. on said:

    How idiotic was that. And to think America is making racial progress. That caller is living in the 40’s or something. ….IJS n SMGDH

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