Tom Joyner Morning Show funnyman  J. Anthony Brown thinks Bruno Mars ripped his Super Bowl XLVII performance straight from James Brown.

Do you agree?

8 thoughts on “J. Anthony Brown Presents: Bruno Mars vs. James Brown DANCE BATTLE!!

  1. Nerol-Enael on said:

    actually that was a one of his somewhat recycled if you will performance routines…if you remembered his 2012 Grammy performance (one of my personal favorites) he did those exact moves and even during his performance he said ” I feel like moving, I feel like shaking, I feel dancing….CAN I GET MY JAMES BROWN….” I never felt like that bit from James Brown was made to just copy but out of simply because he admired him.

  2. Bill Powell on said:

    I agree the moves are right from James Brown and James moves were better, Bruno did a good job. when I first saw Bruno I immediately thought about James my favorite entertainer.

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