The Tom Joyner Morning Show crew discusses Pam Oliver’s hair and whether it impacts her career:


FOX sideline reporter Pam Oliver has been in the business for 19 years but for the last couple of years the only thing people seem to talk about is her hair.

Oliver has worked for FOX for 12 of those 19 years but the end of her contract is looming. Despite being a veteran, many believe Oliver’s career with FOX is nearing its end. Mostly because more people talk about her appearance than her craft but also because FOX began using Erin Andrews as a sideline reporter during the NFL postseason.

In a recent interview with the New York Daily News, held right before Super Bowl XLVIII, Oliver admitted that many people have questioned her future with FOX, she explained to the publication:

 “All this stuff comes with the territory. She (Andrews) is a high-profile person. A lot of attention is paid because people are curious about her,” Oliver said. “They want to start this competition. And all of a sudden I’m answering questions walking through airports. Things like: ‘Are you being pushed out?’ Or, ‘What’s going on?’ Or, ‘What’s the speculation?’

“Well, there’s plenty of speculation,” Oliver said. “But until somebody comes to me and says, ‘Thank you, you’ve had a nice run,’ it’s my job.”

So far there have been no reports about Oliver’s contract negotiation with FOX but it reportedly expired during the Super Bowl.

Now the questions are:

If Pam Oliver’s contract is not extended, are the “hair critics” partly responsible? Do we care about hair too much in the black community? Do you think the constant controversy surrounding her hair has had any effect on her career? Or do you think there is no relation between the two?

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22 thoughts on “DISCUSSION: Do We Pay Too Much Attention to Pam Oliver’s Hair? + the TJMS Gives Their Opinions

  1. I don’t think this is a issue of race or color. This is a issue of image. She is a public figure and image does matter. I would/have the same reactions to other public figures (male/female) who are working in a professional capacity, but do not look well groomed. I know we would all like to think that clothing and hair is secondary, evolutionarily that is, but we disprove that daily with the amount of real currency we spend on clothing, grooming, and hair care/products. It (image/hair)matters and it should matter to her! However, I don’t think her hair will have any relevance as to whether FOX renews Ms. Oliver’s contract, after all if hair mattered to FOX she would have not been a prospective hire for them.

  2. James R. on said:

    Pam Oliver is fine just the way she is, I don’t see what her hair has to do with her contract. Try working all day in the outside elements, on any job and see if you will come out looking pristine. Leave her hair along, if she wore plaits and uncombed it would be different.

  3. Frankly…unless your hair is so jacked up that it distracts from what you are reporting….then yes…we pay way too much attention to hair….and I am quite sure its coming from those in our community who tend to spend the most on hair and have the least amount of “savings” in the bank. Like the guy driving the benz…and sleeps in it too because thats all he can afford. Poor people focus on the stupidest things. Hair is the least of your worries when you own NOTHING, have NO money in savings, and live with your mother. It sickens me. Watching Chris Rock’s “good hair” how in the world are you going to ‘LAY AWAY” hair and you live pay check to pay check. You don’t even look like you can afford a steak dinner….but you are layin’ away hair. The backward thinking of many many of our people is the reason those very people will get no further than their own front stoop in this world. Their focus and priorities are shot to sh*t. This woman has held her position for many many years, is in a man-dominated position, on the front lines, respected, with probably multiple degrees that got her there….and all some ignorant individuals have to tweet about is her hair??????????? are you serious. Get real Black people….get real…get educated….get your priorities in order. you’re the ones holding us back.

    • I agree with the above comments. Remember Gabby Douglas, kickin’ butt in the Olympics, leading the field in her sport–and CRITICIZED for her HAIR? Wake up people. We are accomplishing outstanding, amazing things, virtually unheard of even 50 years ago. Speak up on those ACCOMPLISHENTS–not hair!

      • Gabby was a baby at the time struggling to excel through poverty. Pam is a grown woman, professional and a millionaire. She can do better with her hair! Look at how sharp the men look in their suits now in the studio. It’s all about appearance now. We OWE it to one another to tell each other when we need to improve NOT act like it’s OK. Then we will be complaining that it is so unfair if the network doesn’t renew her contact when all WE had to do is encourage her to use some of her millions to fix her hair!

  4. What hurts me is that this beautiful sister feels so much pressure to maintain a certain look when her looks, talent and demeanor already speak for themselves (this goes for the majority of you beautiful black women out here). Oh black people – when will we open our eyes?

  5. I think we in the black community need to be focused on more than some one else’s hair!!! What about our/your kids education, jobs, your living conditions are you kids getting the proper rearing they need? I think if we focus more on us and stop focusing on people on t.v. who are doing way better than we are, we will be fine. Hair???? how low have we gotten???

  6. SOME Black people are so critical of other black people about nonsense that’s not even important. Like when people were over the top critical about Gabby Douglas. Most of the criticism comes from people that hide behind social media so we don’t know what they look like. I bet you ten to one they wear weaves, and are fat, and out of shape

  7. Kenneth Wells on said:

    As long as she does her job well, and looks reasonably well doing it, who cares about her hair? Are we paying more attention to her or her hair?

  8. kdawgg on said:

    She is good at her craft however, when you are on Nationwide TV one should take pride in ones appearance, her weave is in dire need of rehabilitation, even her counter part the blond white lady’s weave who work the other sideline was presentable. Pam look like she just got up from a all night party, threw on some clothes and completely forgot to even comb her hair.

  9. Michael on said:

    And the sad thing is most of the negative is coming from her fellow sisters who are full of hater aid instead of giving her props for holding down that job. In my days they called it the crab effect; If I can’t you want. Please ladies stop hating when we or you are winnng.

  10. I said it. on said:

    Are we to believe that Fox would get rid of someone based on what the black community says concerning hair, or otherwise? Are we to believe that blacks are the only people who have commented on her hair? This is a ridiculous article.

  11. We’ve become a mean-spirited superficial community….very unaccepting of one another. She’s awesome at her craft. Why shouldn’t that be at the forefront?

    • retired: This is so true because wigs rub the sides of people’s hair out. Plus these women wearing loooooong flowing wigs look so ridiculous because when we look at them we instantly know it’s a wig, or weave.

      • Joy you are correct, in my opinion, I don’t have a problem with wearing a wig but I thought a wig/weave is supposed to look like it’s your own hair. And as a rule, most black people do not have hair down to our butts. Pam Oliver is good at her job, but when you appear on national TV when millions of people are watching, you should want to look your best. Gabby Douglas was working so her hair needed to be in a pony tail. I am not a fan of her hair style now, she’s doing a different job now as a professional athlete.

      • Yeah Sarah. I kind of wish Gabby would have continued to wear her natural hair. I don’t care for the wigs and weaves she wears now. I saw nothing wrong with her hair. The only thing I noticed was her awesomeness.

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