Argan oil is probably one of the most talked about health and beauty secrets on the market. Sometimes referred to as  ‘liquid gold’, argan oil comes from the kernels of argan trees in Morocco. Yes, argan oil is one of the more expensive oils. But, it’s also one of the more beneficial oils to have in your collection.


Argan oil contains a considerably high amount of Vitamin E  for a natural oil. It also is high in fatty acid content, making it one heck of a moisturizer for both the skin and the hair.

Here are some of its other outstanding benefits:

1. Digestive System Rejuvenation 

We’ll bet you didn’t know that there are actually two grades of this oil – edible and cosmetic. If indigestion is a issue for you, try some argan oil. Its natural, and can be a rapid relief agent. It increases the pepsin in your system, assisting in the digestion of your food. The antioxidants also help reduce inflammation.

2. Goodbye High Cholesterol 

Research has shown that argan oil increases the levels of the good cholesterol (HDL), while helping to diminish the bad cholesterol (LDL) in your body at the same time. Regular consumption has proven to fight against obesity as well as other cardiovascular diseases.

3. How About A Little Boost

The high antioxidant content of Argan oil has proven to be beneficial to the body’s entire immune system through stimulation.

4. Young Again

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