A Gary, Indiana woman confessed this week that she sold her baby eight times to a man for sex and was in the room for every incident except for the last meeting.

The New York Daily News reports:

Natisha Hillard, 25, told a federal judge that she was in dire need of money so she rented the baby, which was between 4 months old and 16 months old during the demented trysts, for sex with Christopher M. Bour, 40.

Federal officers first learned of the disturbing deal when Bour’s masseuse saw child pornography videos on his computer during a visit to his Gary, Ind. home, the Chicago Tribune reported.

He later asked her to take pictures of him having sex with the baby, which he told her the mother had allowed.

“I was just seeing if u would hold the camera,” he later texted the woman as he graphically described the sex acts he planned.

“It’s the best sex I ever had,” he wrote the woman, according to the indictment.

Hillard is facing 30 years to life in prison. Bour, who is expected to take a guilty plea, has been charged with producing child pornography, buying a child to produce child porn, and possessing child porn depicting a child under the age of 12, according to the New York Daily News.

(Photo: Gary Police Department)

30 thoughts on “Indiana Mother Admits Selling Baby for Sex Eight Different Times

  1. Why wasn’t HE charged with multiole counts of rape AND torture?

    Understand that baby’s irgan are ruin fir life! I have a friend who something like this happen asa preschooler. She was nevrr able to have children & deals with a host of ppsychological problems all her life!

    She is now in her late 69s & has never been fully in her right mind!

    I guarentee the woman selling her child has had a childhood of sexual abuse which led to this. And NO, I’m not excusing her; prison is right.

    But HE needs to be charged even more then her with 8 counts of rape & torture.

  2. Aaron, I agree. Kay I’m not taken lightly the horrible, disgusting and demented and very painful crime this precious little baby had to endure. Aaron is right if this was a man of color any color other then white his pic. Woulda been posted right next to that crazy Borg. Post his picture. Let everyone see him so he can pay for what he did. I trust and believe one day he will get it in jail. And I pray for that precious baby.

  3. Life in prison is what she deserves and the guy that had sex with the child should receive the same.Kids are innocent,didn’t ask to be here.This child will be scarred forever,if she wanted money that bad then she should’ve sold her self.She is going to get her punishment by God,let her suffer in prisn.Everone is praying for the baby.

  4. Beyond disgusting! I can’t think of a punishment as violent and vile as these monsters deserve for what they did to that poor baby. Prison is not enough. “Vengeance is mine said the Lord.”

  5. I said it. on said:

    She incubated that baby, but never was his mother. It’s too bad she can only get 30 years. I wonder how much time the other rat bastard will get.

  6. speech_lady on said:

    This is the most disgusting thing I have read. I just don’t have words to describe my disgust for this nasty no good bitch and the sick demented bastard that thinks screwing a baby is ok. He could have killed this child. I can only imagine the physical pain this baby must have been in behind this mess. They both need the death penalty.

  7. Geneia on said:

    I can’t understand why this tacky butt girl and horrible man are allowed to live after doing this to that baby! A FREAKING BABY, REALLY!!!! It’s stories like this that make me want to petition for the death penalty to be reestablished in ALL STATES that it no longer exists in. The both of them need to be put to death in the most horrible manner possible!

  8. The story only mentions one man being charged. There are seven other men out there who harmed this child and they are still walking around free to harm other children.

  9. I’ve never been so disgusted with anything in my life. God please give this child the ability to grow up NOT knowing any of this. She deserves the rest of her life without any of this.

  10. concience on said:

    WTF!!!!!!These perverted, maniacal, VILE, POS. I say a slow, agonizing death is to good for these sub-species of humans. BURN THEM ALIVE!!!!!!!

  11. OMG!!!! What the hell is going on…this so and so and her friend? Both need to be strung up by their big toes covered in syrup and covered with ants. I can’t wrap my head around this….SHIT!!

  12. Its funny that they made no mention of the fact that it was a white male she sold her children too. I guess they didn’t want to expose the reality that white men are capable of atrocious behavior. However this site regularly has no problem berating Brothers.

    • NOBODY gives flying fuck about what color this sick pot of sewer sludge is. For some reason you seem to think it’s a big factor in this story. Why? Everyone know that people of all ages commit horrendous crimes. Do not try to shift the focus of the despicable treatment of this child to race relations. What in your soul makes you immediately think about the race of the perpetrator instead of the fate of this precious child when you read this story? Sickening.

      • Apparently you don’t follow Black America Web where the race and behavior of Black men is regularly examined and any negative behavior is used as an indictment of all Black Men. However the behavior of white males is never examined or an indictment on the entire race.

      • I don’t give a damn what you say. In this particular story, NOBODY except you, gives a rat’s ass about what race this sewer slime is. The only thing normal people care about is this precious child.

      • If they both committed a crime why isn’t his picture right next to hers? Is he any less guilty, is he not relevant to the story? There is only one reason his picture isn’t up and I already told you why.

      • I’ve seen his picture. I know exactly what he looks like. He’s white. This site neglected to paste his mug up next to the other monster. So what? In my heart of hearts, and the mind and life of this poor baby, the reason, real or imagined, simply does not matter.

  13. To piggy back on your comment Ann, the mother should be sterilized so she cannot spread her sickness to other innocent babies. The Bour man will get his in this life or the next!!!

  14. It’s no wonder the eye cries a tear, we have so many mentally disturbed people in the world right now that we need the Lord to come back now. Lord we need an intervention. For this woman and the perverted man who violated her children, the hand basket to hell is ready and waiting….all aboard.

  15. This sick cow needs to be put in jail and never let out and the low life b@&$&@$ that she left torture this poor child should be shot in his groin. What has this world come to. As ugly as she is only a fool would have sex with POS.

  16. OMG. This woman I demented. I can’t understand what a grown man can do with a 4 month old baby. That poor child. The only good thing is hopefully this baby will not have to grow up with the memory. I don’t know. 16 months is pretty old. The child may be damaged for life. I would love to get my hands on that pos mother.

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