This exchange that jumped off following President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night has gotten as much attention, if not more, than the actual address.

NY1 reporter Michael Scotto finished asking Republican Congressman Michael Grimm of New York about the president’s speech, then, tried to ask about allegations concerning his ongoing campaign finance scandal.

Well, Grimm went off.

After refusing to answer “off topic” questions, the Staten Island legislator ended the interview and stormed off, leaving Scotto to wrap by telling viewers that Grimm refused to address the campaign finance allegations.

Scotto threw it back to the studio, but the camera was still rolling – capturing Grimm getting in the reporter’s face and threatening to break him in half and toss him over the Capitol balcony, where the interview was taking place.

3 thoughts on “GOP Congressman Steals SOTU Spotlight After Threatening Reporter (Watch)

  1. Why is it that every time them republicans say something wrong or distasteful they always want to apologize to the public for saying what you meant, a bunch of cowards & all this congressman wants is his job so all republicans got to do is apologize & all is well, what a crock, they have been getting away with this kind of behavior, he is a BULLY” he threaten the reporter & now that he’s cool down, now Grimm he wants to go to lunch making himself look good, with the reporter Grimm is known to have a temper.Just another Republican true colors.

  2. Ivan Cohen on said:

    Maybe there is something to that campaign scandal. Maybe Congressman Michael Grimm needs the services of Olivia Pope and her fix-it team.

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