Sunday’s brawl between Brandon DeShazer and Christopher Williams at NeNe Leakes’ Pillow Talk event was one that left many “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans talking, but according to Peter Thomas, what viewers saw wasn’t everything that went down.

Thomas was among those who tried to break up the fight. Unfortunately for him, the effort only heightened tension among Williams and DeShazer.

“All of that was so explosive. It happened so fast,” said Thomas. “Apollo [Nida] got up to help me hold Brandon back while Gregg [Leakes] and Todd [Tucker] took Christopher the other way, but Brandon was so aggressive and so hype that he accidentally hit Apollo and that’s what made Apollo flip.”

Unhappy with the violence that erupted, Apollo labeled the altercation with DeShazer as “ridiculous” and things just got out of hand once Brandon allegedly struck him.

“It’s really a shame. I never thought that someone would hit me, especially when I was kinda trying to defuse the situation,” Apollo explained to Phaedra Parks in a preview for an upcoming “RHOA” episode. “I just saw a lot of rage in his eyes. All I know, I got hit and I just got really carried away.”

Despite believing that Apollo was initially trying to help him restrain Brandon and break up the fight, Thomas admitted that Apollo’s response to the situation would not have been one he would’ve chosen, reports Sister2Sister.

“If I’m breaking up a fight and I accidentally get hit, I’m probably not going to react that way, but it wasn’t just the accidental hit,” Thomas shared. “You can hear [Brandon] say, ‘Oh, you wanna fight, too?’”

As it stands, the big question surrounding the fight is why. Why would Apollo flip out on Brandon, especially considering, according to Thomas, that now bad blood exists between the men?

“They never had an argument or any kind of altercation,” said Thomas “They never had an argument or any kind of beef.”

No matter who’s to blame for the fight, it’s clear that all involved are not happy with the end result.

“No one is proud of what happened, including Apollo. Everyone is ashamed,” said Thomas, who expressed how upset everyone was about the altercation.

5 thoughts on “RHOAs’ Men Express Regret Over Violent Brawl Between Brandon and Christopher Williams

  1. alicia on said:

    I saw Brandon swinging first…he hopped up like somebody really did something to Kenya that man just was telling her to hold up while she running full steam toward his sitting wife…all the rest I can agree with but Brandon was hyped n talking shit sorry…NeNe the real blame for setting all that up…she knew it was going to explode

  2. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Peter/Uncle Ben is a jack azz, Apollo is a natural born criminal, Phaedra is a fool/dumb entertainment lawyer, NeNe is a wanna be celebrity and a big mouth hoodrat bully, Cynthia is NeNe’s puppet, Kandi can give it but can’t take it/always crying when it comes back to her, Kenya is not as crazy as everybody think she is…. bug eyed Porsia is a big dummy without all the make up false eyelashes lipstick weave she would definately look like a frog/bug eyes, Todd is no more an opportunist than the rest of them. The End!

  3. Peter and Apollo are full of it, the way Peter push him off, all he had to do is stand between them. Apollo’s assistance wasn’t necessary. They both were throwing punches and chocking him. NeNe is a trouble maker, she wants to be the Queen Bee and she is jelious of Porsha and Kenya.

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