Kenya Moore

As we previously reported, Apollo Nida aka Phaedra Parks‘ husband has been arrested on some very serious charges. He turned himself in on Thursday over allegations of bank fraud and identity theft. Well Kenya Moore took to her Twitter account to let the world know what she had to say about Apollo Nida’s arrest…and she was completely supportive of her castmate Phaedra Parks! Nahhhh we’re just joking with ya! Take a look at what she really had to say in her tweet below!

Gee aren’t we all shocked that Kenya has something to say about this topic?! Of course not! She literally just went from the messiest of the housewives cast to the third messiest. She’s moving on up in the world so of course she has something to say! And for the record….we’re pretty sure she ain’t done speaking about it! Let’s see how many interviews she books as a result of Phaedra’s misfortune. (No pun intended!)



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8 thoughts on “RHOA Kenya Moore Speaks About Apollo Nida’s Arrest

  1. I agree that maybe she should not comment on “this issue”, but they have thrown so many stones at Kenya that it is a breath of fresh air to see Apollo ‘aint right and got “caught”. I’m team Kenya on this one. We all better hope that he hasn’t stolen our identiies…

  2. Kenya it is better to be seen and not heard. You as well as NeNe are big trouble makers. I saw your ugly attitude when your big mouth let the cat out of the bag regarding Portia’s house. You are so damn FAKE. Go away.

  3. Kenya Whore you need to shut the hell up because you definitely do not live in a rented glass house. Before you know it you will be in the same beat down position as your friend.

  4. Ms. Intuned on said:

    Kenya is just miserable, and that comes from trying to keep up with the “Joneses” aka the Leakes, the Burrusses, the Parks, etc. girl get it together and sit yourself down somewhere…geez.

  5. AleishaHandco on said:

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  6. Tomasina on said:

    Kenya is nothing more than a low class, attention craved, manly looking broad who needs to get a life! Problem is, nobody with any class would want her..SMH

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