NEW YORK (AP) — President Barack Obama will be interviewed live at the White House by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly during the Super Bowl pregame show.

Fox said Thursday the interview will air at 4:30 p.m., less than two hours before the game, which is being televised on Feb. 2 by the Fox broadcast network.

Following the live interview, O’Reilly will ask the president a few more questions that will be aired on “The O’Reilly Factor” the next night on Fox News Channel. The entire interview will be posted on the website

It’s the third time O’Reilly has interviewed Obama, with the most recent during Fox’s 2011 Super Bowl pregame.

(AP Photo: This Oct. 13, 2012 file photo shows Fox News commentator and author Bill O’Reilly at the Comedy Central “Night Of Too Many Stars: America Comes Together For Autism Programs” at the Beacon Theatre in New York. )

11 thoughts on “Obama to Go Toe-to-Toe With Fox’s Bill O’Reilly

  1. cornel on said:

    George W Bush said that Iraq had “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” We went to war based upon that declaration. Iraq HAD NO weapons of Mass Destruction. Nearly 5000 americans died, and over 25,000 were permanently WOUNDED FOR LIFE, based upon Bush’s lies. AND THESE RIGHT WING SCUMS HAVE THE NERVE TO TALK ABOUT OBAMA??????? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEZE……..

  2. cornel on said:

    On August 6, 2001, George W Bush, while illegally occupying the whitehouse, was on vacation on August 6, 2001, when he received his Presidential Daily Briefing stating that “Bin Laden determined to attack US with Planes.” HE DID NOTHING! HE STAYED ON VACATION. We were attacked on September 11, 2001, and over 3000 Americans were killed because of this incompetent moron. YET THESE RIGHT WING RACIST LIARS HAVE THE NERVE TO DISS OBAMA????

  3. cornel on said:

    In November, of 2000, Al Gore received 540,000 MORE POPULAR VOTES than the convicted drunk lying scum, George W Bush. Actually, he probably received over a million or so more votes than this convicted drunk, and Gore WON FLORIDA TOO. All of the networks called Florida for Gore, then retracted their “call” based upon FAKE (oh, I mean FOX) News saying that the call was too early. NEVER has a network called a state for a candidate in a Presidential election, then took it back.
    The LAST PRESIDENT to take possession of the White House, after losing the Popular vote, WAS IN 1876!!!! That’s because based upon scientifically proven data, exit voting predicts the winner.
    Al Gore WON FLORIDA until Jeb Bush, the GOVERNOR of Florida at the time, and Katherine Harris, the Sec. of State in Florida, defrauded the vote count there, then getting their allies on the Supreme Court to halt the recount, which put George W Bush into the White House.
    George W Bush was arrested on September 5, 1976, in Kennbunk Port Maine, for driving while drunk. They suspended his drivers license for a year. HE IS A CONVICTED DRUNK.

  4. cornel on said:

    George HW Bush PARDONED the last of the Iran Contra criminals on Christmas Eve, 1992. Lawrence Wash, A REPUBLICAN heading that Investigation, was moving in on Bush, who was a central participant in the Iran Contra Scandal. So, by pardoning the remaining Iran Contra criminals like Caspar Weinburger, Richard Secord, etc., he dismantled a federal investigation which was leading to him being implicated. AND YET, THESE RIGHT WING BASTARDS HAVE THE NERVE TO TALK ABOUT OBAMA????

  5. cornel on said:

    Obama is too nice to these racist lying right wing scums. All of their so-called scandals have been proven to be fake, yet FAKE (I mean) racist bating Fox News tries to keep them alive with manipulation and distortion. Doofus George W Bush’s toughest interview was with Larry King, who asked him virtually nothing. Megyn claims that Jesus was “White,” yet Fake News claim that Obama race baits everytime he says the word “black.”
    Lying right wing racist President from Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, and the convicted drunk, George W Bush, were the most dishonest bastards that ever occupied the White House. That fraud Reagan actually sold weapons to the terrorist nation of Iran and lied over and over about it. At the time, there was a United States Congressional Arms Embargo Against Iran (1979) and of course, the US Arms Export Munitions Control Act was violated.
    Ronald Reagan, Nov. 6, 1986: “We have not, repeat, exchanged weapons for hostages, nor shall we.” Lying scum, if you read all of the Iran Contra Indictments, that fraud was the mastermind of the plan. Oliver North specifically said that he was taking orders from this piece of dirt.
    Then, the lying Reagan, in 1983, got 250 Marines massacred in Lebanon after sending 500 Marines into that hostile land, and telling them not to discharge their weapons.
    In total, there were 135 members of the Reagan Administration INDICTED, or FORCED TO RESIGN FOR CRIMES or ethical violations. YET, THESE RIGHT WING RACIST LIARS HAVE THE NERVE TO DISS OBAMA, AND PRAISE REAGAN???????????

  6. You think George W Bush would have agreed to be interviewed by Al Sharpton? Why is President Obama demeaning himself by allowing a right wing bigot that disses him every single night to land an interview with him? Why doesn’t he back out and say, “I decided it wasn’t worth my time.” That would make Obama look big and strong. O’Reilly will interrupt him, try to make him look bad, and will show him much less respect than he would a Republican President. Why would Obama agree to this? DAMN, sometimes Obama really pisses me off.

  7. Wow The president grants a super bowl interview with FOX news’s Bill O he knows he will be asked some serious questions (Benghazi, IRS, Obamacare, income inequality, rising deficit ) maybe he should go on MSNBC he can just spend the whole interview talking about Michelle’s birthday party or his bracket picks

  8. Doesn’t matter was PBO says, O’reilly will twist it around and miss every point anyway. His goal is simply to make the pres look bad and help Republicans get back their pedestal. People (and I use the term loosely) like him don’t listen or learn. I don’t know why he’s being given the opportunity for another interview! PBO supporters don’t watch Oreilly, we go for truth – and better TV!

  9. Hope President has his security ready, Bill just might go off,as usual since he does not like PBO. glad the president is taking him on, because President Obama sure isn’t scared of him or nobody else.I wouldn’t want to be in the same rm as Billy Boy.

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