01/22/14-  Roland Martin talks with attorney Chris Chestnut, the lawyer representing the family of Jonathan Ferrell, about a grand jury’s controversial decision to not indict Randall Kerrick on a voluntary manslaughter charge.

Kerrick is responsible for the death of Ferrell after he shot the former FAMU football player 10 times.

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4 thoughts on “Attorney for Jonathan Ferrell’s Family Discusses Non-Indictment of Randall Kerrick

  1. Jiggy5 on said:

    Unfortunately not a single witness will come forward. For generations now we have embraced the ‘no snitchin’, fock the po-po’ mentality. We can’t stonewall the police, then when we finally need them, expect them to respect us. Hell Naw Peeps.
    Holla’ at the Scholar

  2. I knew they would fine away for this POS cop to,get off. African Americans will never get any justice. Nothing has changed in the criminal system when these type of cases come up. I hope he has days and nights of sheer torture for,killing and innocent man.

  3. I’m totally disgusted by this decision & anyone who still claims that African Americans get justice & fair rulings, think again! Trayvon Martin, Albert Wright, Jonathan Ferrell, & countless others, most of whom we never hear about, beg to differ! Racism is still very much alive & kicking in America!

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