PHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona State University fraternity’s operations have been suspended following accusations that the local Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter hosted a distasteful party in commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, replete with racist stereotypes and offensive costumes.


“We regard the behavior exhibited as completely outrageous, extraordinarily offensive and wholly unacceptable,” said James Rund, ASU’s senior vice president for Educational Outreach and Student Services. “This kind of behavior is not tolerated by the university, and we intend to take swift and immediate action.


“We just don’t have room at the university to tolerate that kind of conduct.”

Alex Baker, a spokesman for the national fraternity organization, said the group does not condone racist or discriminatory behavior.

“It is with embarrassment and regret when a few individuals within our organization make decisions that do not align with the values and principles of Tau Kappa Epsilon,” Baker said in a statement.

University officials had planned to meet Tuesday with fraternity representatives regarding the off-campus party over the weekend.

Pictures from the party made their way onto social media websites, depicting guests dressed in basketball jerseys, flashing gang signs and holding watermelon-shaped cups.

“How can you not realize how stupid this is?” said Cuyler Meade, 25, an ASU junior. “It’s embarrassing if people look at ASU and think we’re all like that.”

The Rev. Jarrett Maupin, an Arizona civil rights activist, said the party antics were outrageous and offensive. He is calling on the school to expel all students involved and permanently ban the fraternity from affiliation with ASU.

“It was just a raucous, racist rally, and they used Dr. King’s holiday as a mask for racial villainy and harassment,” Maupin said Tuesday.

Activists at an afternoon news conference also called on the university to require that all staff and students take diversity classes.

The Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity was already on probation for an off-campus fight in 2012, according to ASU. The university did not provide additional details of the incident or disciplinary action.

Founded in 1899 at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Ill., the fraternity has about 257,000 members at 291 chapters and colonies across the United States and Canada, according to its website.

In 2012, the University of Arizona stripped its local chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon of recognition after an investigation showed multiple instances of dangerous hazing.

9 thoughts on “Arizona State University Fraternity Under Scrutiny for MLK Day Party (PHOTOS)

  1. Jiggy5 on said:

    This is no worse than the. MKL Twerking party. Get over it Peeps, we want to act the hood rat fool, don’t be surprised when people call us out.

  2. Tim Norton on said:

    @ ian11, your argument has no merit. You can not use the example of a few to paint an entire race and say that they all are like that and behave that way. It would be like me saying that because of the KKK, Skinheads and other hate groups that all white people are like that so they shouldn’t be upset if they are portrayed that way. Get a clue……………..

    • Oh I Have a clue! Turn on 106 and Park right now and I beat my life all you will see is RATCHETNESS and GHETTO HOODNESS with smiling finger popping CLUELESS UNINFORMED SAD black kids!!!!!!!! Where’s the self respect?????????

    • The problem Tim, is that it’s not “just a few”. Millions of people, from parents dressing their toddlers up to look like rappers and gang members to Jay Z’s old ass stomping around on stage with his nasty ass hanging out. What these geniuses at ASU obviously didn’t take into consideration is the fact that blacks aren’t the only ones who walk around looking like sewer sludge. I see people of all races walking wide legged, trying to keep their damned pants from falling down. As a matter of fact, had those photos not been part of this particular story, I wouldn’t have known they were in costume. What I don’t understand is why blacks get so mouth foaming mad when they see this kind of buffoonery, when this is the very image they so proudly display on a daily basis. Isn’t imitation supposed to be the purest form of flattery?

    • iann11 on said:

      There isn’t anyone else to BLAME!!!! Until you realize this, this community will ALWAYS be like this!!!!!! My God people, Get some selrespect for yourselves!!!!!

  3. How can be surprise by this? When black people EVERY single day put those images out there of themselves? Have you watched 106 and park lately, what about the hundreds of arrest in the NFL lately of all the wannabe THUGS? The rap video’s alone make you want to VOMIT!!!! NOW black people cry foul,when THEY are the ones responsible for putting these images out there in the first place! The Audacity to cry foul when you’re the responsible party!!!!!SMDH!!!!!

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