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Kristin Ohsfeldt, a Memphis kindergarten teacher at A.B. Hill Elementary, has been suspended for allegedly placing 5-year-old Akeelah Joseph  in a locked closet for playing too much. The teacher then went home sick but forgot to tell anyone about Joseph, according to WREG.

Luckily for Joseph, who suffers from asthma, a substitute teacher happened upon her an hour later and let her out.

The principal of the school and Joseph’s mother have filed a police report against Ohsfeldt, but the locked closet incident is not the first time the teacher has disciplined a student in this manner.

According to Wanda, she received a call about the incident two hours after it happened. She told WREG that her daughter had never been in trouble at school before and that she really liked Ohsfeldt. “I am hearing that the teacher locked my child in a closet because she was supposedly bad,” she said. “You don’t do that. I hurried up to the school and started yelling, ‘Where my daughter at? Where my daughter at?’” She was cold. She came out cold and shaking. Plus she has asthma. She could have had an asthma attack in that closet!”

Ohsfeldt is the school’s team leader of the discipline program. According to Wanda, the educator should be handed walking papers for endangering her child, whom she says is now afraid to go back to school. “The principal is going to talk to her and see what happened. Then he is going to send what happened to the Board of Education. I think she needs to lose her job over that,” Wanda told WREG.

Meanwhile, not only are the Memphis police and school board investigating the allegations against Ohsfeldt but the Department of Child Services have also been notified.

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10 thoughts on “Teacher Allegedly Locks Kindergartener In Closet For Playing Too Much

  1. keebee51 on said:

    Why do negative white people with little brains come on here to put Negros down? This is black america web there are plenty of other sites to go make your unwanted comments on. This should have never happen, the bitch was wrong for doing that and no matter what mean things you say about the mother or child it was wrong!

  2. Camella Jenkins on said:

    No excuse! She should have contacted the Principal’s office. This teacher is obviously mentally unstabled and not fit to work in an environment with children PERIOD!

  3. Nothing will happen to the teacher because she was afraid for her life; therefore, the African American child had to be locked up in a closet. If the child was White, the school would be closed for good!

  4. Mac Ben on said:

    “Where my daughter at?…where my daughter at?”; mom needs to be in kindergarten her damn self, o work somewhere. If the white lady had spanked her she’d have been wrong. If the teacher had pushed for some kind of suspension- she would have been wrong, so she put the bad ass child (and you all know she is) in the closet in an attempt to shut her up or so she could at least not hear her obvious disruptive mouth. The child was found- unharmed. This should not be an issue. The issue is the kid acting out in class. Her mammy needs to fix that. Or, the daddy (husband?)needs to fix it(notice he was missing from the story as is almost always the case in the ghetto stories).

  5. EVEN THIS INCIDENT WON’T KEEP YOU BLACK FOLK FROM SITTING ON SANTA’S LAP. When will you/my people learn? White folk may be the boss but they are not the Master.

  6. VBucGreen on said:

    This is what our children endures everyday. Parents it is time to step up and defend our children. If the child was acting up, why not place her in a coroner for time out. To lock a child in a closet is going over board.

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