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The Razzie Award nominations are out and apparently Tyler Perry is nominated for both worst actor and actress this year. Yikes! Listen to the audio player to hear “The Russ Parr Morning Show” list the rest of the nominees being recognized for their worst work from last year!

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5 thoughts on “Is Tyler Perry The Worst Actress In Hollywood? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. I love tyler… whom ever is coming up with is he an actor or actress n is he da worst actor need to cutt that mess out you pobably mad cause you aint got tyler perry money…..

  2. I love Tyler as both an actor AND an actress! C’mon, WHO can possinly NOT love ‘Madea’? VERY talented man in every sense of the word! Matter of fact, I’d love to see MORE movies with tyler as Madea! That lady is FUNNY!! Congrats on the awards anyway – they ARE awards, right? God bless Tyler Perry, and may he continue to make us laugh and give us MANY faith-based lessons for a VERY long time! (PS — PLEASE MORE MADEA!!)

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