Former boxing champion Mike Tyson is successfully segueing into the acting arena. After scene-stealing cameos in “The Hangover” movies, Tyson is ready to step behind the camera and produce a film about his early life.

Tyson and his wife Lakiha Spicer have started  looking to assemble the production team for the proposed film. The couple wants Larry Sloman, the co-writer of Howard Stern‘s book “Private Parts,” to pen the screenplay. Sloman also wrote Mike Tyson’s one man show “Undisputed Truth.”

Tyson’s wife said is aiming to get Kevin Spacey in the film as Mike Tyson’s mentor and surrogate father Gus D’Amato. Helen Mirren is being eyed for the role of Mike Tyson’s adoptive mother Camille Ewald. While more established actors will be playing supporting roles, an unknown actor is wanted to play Mike Tyson.

Tyson may really be able to get Helen Mirren in his film. He sat at the same table as her at the Golden Globe awards this past Sunday.

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