Gabourey Sibide is comfortable in her own skin and she isn’t letting mean-spirited comments steal her joy.

Last night, the 30-year-old actress attended the Golden Globes in a custom champagne Michael Costello gown. The “American Horror Story” star wore the dress with confidence but many fans in the social media world disapproved of the look.

After her Twitter mentions filled with cruel comments about her weight and health, Gabourey decided to clap back with a few words of her own.

“To people making mean comments about my GG pics, I mos def cried about it on that private jet on my way to my dream job last night,” she wrote, most likely in a snarky way. She added, hashtag “JK.”

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 6.43.56 PM

In a 2012 interview at the Women in Entertainment symposium, the Precious actress opened up about her weight issues and journey to find self confidence.

“I didn’t really get to grow up hearing that I was beautiful a lot, or that I was worth anything nor did I grow up seeing myself on TV,” she said. “Then at some point when I was 21 or 22 I just decided that life wasn’t worth living if I wasn’t happy with myself so I just took all the steps that I could to figure out how to love myself and become confident. Truthfully speaking if I hadn’t found this person before that movie [Precious] I wouldn’t have even be in that movie.”

Haters gonna hate. Gabby you stay fly!

9 thoughts on “Gabourey Sidibe Responds To Haters Who Criticized Her Golden Globe Dress

  1. The internet and other forms of social media have given people ‘cyber ba;;s.’ What they don’t have the ba;;s to say to someone face to face, they’ll either facebook, twitter, or text their nastiness. Social media is the perfect outlet for the biggest cowards.

  2. While I agree with everyone about her health and heart, I am so glad that she knows how to keep herself positive and uplifted… People feel that they have a right to say any and everything negative to big people and just because they are big, they have to accept everyone’s insensitivity, cruelty and sometimes even hatred. Well, that’s not true and I’m glad she stands up for herself and fights back. This is her journey and hers alone and she seems to be doing it in style…

  3. pauljack on said:

    Gabby is gorgeous. That skin! But…..she could stand to lose a few…..for health reasons. And possibly tone up but she definitely does not have to be “rail thin” to make it in Hollywood. We need to see all shapes and sizes and colors in film.

  4. Gaby, you are so beautiful showing you lovely smile. Its good to be healthy. please think about your heart and blood pressure. I would love to see you live a long life.

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