A 63-year-old Louisiana grandmother prayed to God as she shot down the teenage home invader who dared to rob her for the second time in a month, KSLA 12 reports.

Elzie Pipkins told the news station that the boy, 16-year old Devon Antonio White, forced himself inside of her Shreveport home in December demanding cash from her safe. The senior citizen said the boy had stolen cash and a gun from her before, but she bought a new firearm after the robbery.

As she opened her safe and realized that it a small amount of money inside, she began fearing for her life and those of her granddaughter and great grandson.

“And as I was unlocking the safe and I prayed to God to give me strength, to get through this, it’ll be me or him,” Pipkins said. “And that’s when I fired my gun and hit him with the first round.”

Here more on how the robbery unfolded:

She tells KSLA News 12 she got the drop on the alleged robber when she distracted him by handing him the bag of money with one hand. With the other hand, she says she shot the sixteen year- old in the chest.

She says this is the second time the young man robbed her in her own home. The last time this happened she says he stole her gun and some money. But she bought another gun.

This time when the shotgun wielding man reportedly barged into her home, her gun was in the safe – a tactical advantage she would use without even thinking.

“And I said here you go, and he let go of one hand off his gun, because it was pointed right at me, and reached for the bag of coins, and that’s when I fired my gun, and hit him with the first round,” said the woman. She says after a brief struggle, he ran.

Police found the young man a short distance away from the home after he had collapsed. He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“55 dollars in coins, and he lost his life,” said the tearful woman. She says her heart goes out to his family, and that she never intended to kill the young man.

“I did what any parent or loved one would do and that’s try to protect her own,” Pipkins told The Shreveport Times in an interview about the shooting.

The shooting is still under investigation, but she will not be charged with a crime.

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19 thoughts on “63-Year-Old Woman Kills Teen Who Tried To Rob Her Twice

  1. The Root (along with the LATimes) is becoming one of the few sites left where so-called-white racists can vomit their vile crap (towards African-Americans only) without getting flagged, banned or deleted.

  2. Now let the state charge the parents with negligence,assault on the elderly,etc. and lets see if we can get some parenting done when you are held accountable for your minors actions.

  3. this “poor child” was in fact 1st younger than Trayvon Martin 2nd looks and acts much like a son of Obama would ….so libtards where is all the outrage the FEAR the lies and the hate you used in the election year ?

    • What the hell does President Obama have to do with this? President Obama has 2 DAUGHTERS!!! How can you say if he had a son he would act like this. GTFOH

    • What the hell is a jibaboo? A White racist trolling a black website trying to be tough. Get your head slapped boy, go have a seat

  4. MichelleB on said:

    This second time Robber was in her house! With a shotgun pointed at her! Self defense point blank! Why are people comparing this situation to McBride in Detroit? Did McBride have a Firearm?

  5. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Kuddos to her! She prayed and asked God for direction and God answered her prayer. For all you thugs and hoodlums out there regardless of race or gender who think older people are weak and vunerable, learn from his; many older people pack heat too and there’s only one way to find out-TRY THEM!

    • iownjiggy5 on said:

      Jiggy5 = white troll trolling black sites trying to cause dissension. Troll on troll, we all know who and what you are. You read the articles promoting black pride, unity, equality, and justice and then you spew your negative comments. The Black Crusaders are coming for you..lol

      • Jiggy5 on said:

        Nicca, you best get to steppin’ fore the Scholar puts a mental lashing on your remedial azz.

    • Clear case of self defense especially in Louisiana where bigotry is still a fact not a fantasy. Would have been more satisfying to me to watch his noodle squish from a head shot but head shots are hard without aiming unless you’re very good so I suppose the end result was the same. After the first time she should have bought a pair of pitbulls maybe he would think twice. Sixteen and where were the parents and why was he out walking the streets. Well at least the taxpayers don’t have to pay for his legal stuff and his jailed hotel so I say it’s a win win and perhaps all the other local thugs might think twice before going after her themselves.

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