Samuel and Candea Aarons dropped off their car to celebrate the New Year at Spondivits Bar and Grill, a popular restaurant in Atlanta. Their car was parked by the valet, according to local station WSB-TV.

Now generally, once your car is returned, any “tag” is removed – as it was only used for ID purposes; but when the Aaron’s got home, they noticed a tag was still on their key ring with a little note from the valet that read: “Jungle Fever.”

For the uninformed: “Jungle fever” is a derogatory term used to describe interracial couples.

The valet, alleged to have left the message, was a black man employed by APS Valet – not the restaurant. He was fired less than 24-hours later.

Needless to say, the Aarons were outraged.

“I’ve never had their tag left on the key,” Mrs Aarons said. “He wanted us to see it.”

Sgt Major Aarons, a military veteran who recently returned from a deployment in Kuwait, was also deeply upset by the note.

“We have never been so blatantly described in such a blatantly appalling manner ever,” Mrs Aarons said.

“We had no idea that the valet was looking at us or thinking of us in such a manner.

“I was unaware, I was unprepared and I was unaware racism is alive and well.”

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