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omaha police association baby thug videoAccording to the Omaha Police Officers Association (POA), there is a “terrible cycle of violence and thuggery” that is rampant throughout the city. The union’s idea of what a thug represents, though, is a Black diapered toddler who swears and makes lewd hand gestures throughout a homemade video. Now the union has come under fire for reportedly promoting the footage on their website in an effort to stave off the increasing problem of inner city crime, reports Gawker.

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The revolting footage of a baby boy spewing obscenities and repeating vile dialogue as he is antagonized by two purported relatives is an incendiary depiction, and many who have viewed it, agree that it is heartbreaking to watch. The police union says, however, that the video is local and the adults are not breaking any laws.

Watch the unfortunate video here:

The law enforcement organization posted the following explanation with regards to the video on their website:

“…despite the fact that it is sickening, heartbreaking footage, we have an obligation to share it to continue to educate the law-abiding public about the terrible cycle of violence and thuggery that some young innocent children find themselves helplessly trapped in.  Now while we didn’t see anything in this video that is blatantly ‘illegal’, we sure did see a lot that is flat-out immoral and completely unhealthy for this little child from a healthy upbringing standpoint.”

The POA post continues to state to the public that they are “literally watching ‘the cycle’ of violence continue right in front of your eyes. A powerful cycle that must be broken if we ever hope to get a handle on violence in Omaha. A powerful cycle that the police alone cannot stop.”

Union President John Wells, a sergeant in the Omaha Police Department, told Gawker that the term “thug” is used as a “general term on our Facebook page,” but that it could be substituted by a variety of other terms such as “abnormal, antisocial, criminal.”

Wells compared the video of the toddler to the city’s street violence, saying that “a lot of these children end up dealing with law enforcement. I’m not saying that this kid won’t grow up to be a productive member of society.”

According to Wells, the video’s creator, who is reportedly the child’s uncle, is a “local thug” but there is no confirmation as to whether he is a gang member.

In a town where the racial mixes are reportedly segregated for the most part, residents, according to Wells, tend to unfortunately disregard criminal activity, particularly if the event did not occur in their neck of the woods.

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49 thoughts on “Omaha Police Union Posts Video Of Swearing Black Toddler To Explain ‘Thug Cycle’

  1. You bunnies are so funny. You praise criminal behavior and are shocked not at the why this child was being abused, but that the pou-lease am be called.

    I was listening to the “black show” on NPR Monday, the panel were all upset that the cops were called, none of them could fathom what was wrong with the video. What a bunch of nitwits.

  2. diana bussey on said:

    This is incredible ignorance. The mother needs in depth counseling and I wonder if the man is the baby’s father. I just don’t understand what people are thinking and doing with their lives.

  3. Why are they so quick to tear the black family apart? Yes, the child learned behavior that most people find unacceptable , but what happened to counseling? How is taking the child out of the home gonna change the cycle? Maybe the parents don’t know how to be parents, so why not parenting classes?

  4. realness on said:

    Funny how folks are trying to turn the focus on the police and blasting them and not the bullshit in this video. She said she’s a good parent and she doesn’t all cursing we saw. Really? Sure didn’t seem like it was his first time repeating language like that, I’m sure they’ve been giving him good practice. This is the reason ppl think are all animals, and the aclu and all these other groups defending the mother and the crap in this video…..FOH!!!

    • No the reason why they think we are all animals is because they lump us all into one category. When little Timmy does a crime, his crime does not get pointed out or played out in the same manner, for example; just recently a (16 year old child was drunk driving and killed 9 people” but he didn’t get time. They sent him to luxury rehab for his drinking and said that he shouldn’t do time because of affluence, meaning he was to rich to know any better. But in my opinion there was no cry of all white teens are the same, they all drink and mow down people. Their crimes belong to the individual that created the crime even though, between the two communities the crime and punishment don’t fit. When a black person commits a crime for example:(teaching a child to cuss) we are all lumped in to one category with sayings like “our black people smh” or “our people need to get it together” . If they claim that parenting classes and counseling work so well, why wasn’t it offered to this family?

  5. royalty on said:

    Omaha police department is not a scholar on who or what is a thug…and to make this video the platform for discussion is insane…cause thug life and thug mentallity has existed clearly before this video was uploaded…the efforts of police to put a wide blanket over single mothers whom have ties with listed known gang bangers is bigotry inching its way into the equation….black people are targeted just for being black…and so many law enforcement officers wanna just throw a blanket on us all only allowing who they want to visit the home of single black mothers…so they can feel alone….depressed…stressed…and not having anyone to support them on any level?

  6. This may be normal behavior in their frigger “community” and a 16 year old child with a 2 year old baby may be considered acceptable and normal in that “community” but in the fully evolved real world these things are not normal or acceptable.

  7. Donna Allen on said:

    Please have your guests read the Willie Lynch letter if they want to understand the reason for the hate within our race. Its been simmering for over 300 years and has finally come to a full boil. We the black community need to break the cycle he not only predicted and was instrumental in putting in place

  8. Eddie Mags on said:

    Race has nothing to do with this! I am so sick of hearing blacks and whites, over and over! Is that all people can focus on! These people are pigs and were abusing an innocent child! Period!

  9. 2 Pac…….. I know he rolling over in his grave today!! All day long on HLN they have been saying and defining “Thuglife” as Black people teaching their children to cuss, and be disrespectful towards women! I know you saw the video of the toddler, being coached to say things children shouldn’t be saying or hearing! Thug Life is the opposite of someone having all he needs to succeed. Thug life is when you have nothing, and succeed, when you have overcome all obstacles to reach your aim, Thuglife is Respecting our Sisters, Respecting our Brothers. Thuglife you know the rules, do what you got to do- Stay Tru!! That video does not represent the Black Community, that video is just ignorant, showing ignorance and a lack of education by some uneducated adult!

  10. Since the police seem to know the uncle recording this video did they arrest him and the woman we hear encouraging this baby and remove him from the home? Without taking the proper measures to ensure this child is removed from this toxic environment the police are just as responsible for his outcome.

  11. The parents and other relative should be ashamed for placing the toddler in this predicament and the police is no better. The police could have blocked the baby face out, but they always want the world to look down on us, and stereotype black people as if we are all the same. It does not matter how high on the ladder we climbed, in the police eyes, we are all THUGS. Look at the treatment President Obama gets from the REPUBLICANS/TEA PARTY.

    • Sure, blame the police for exposing the truth. Because we all know that anything negative said about Blacks, no mater how true it is, is obviously racist. As long as this mind set continues, there will be no progress.

      • Its not blaming the police for exposing the truth, its how they did it by not blurring out his face.

  12. My problem with this is that we know this is just wrong on so many levels. That police union/department knows that it is wrong on so many levels. Instead of exploiting it for their benefit and saying nothing illegal is taking place, what are you doing to intervene? This is a perfect opportunity for intervention while there is still hope for this child. But instead of intervening and trying to redirect they just took the video and used it as a tool for themselves.

  13. I don ‘t thknk they should remove the child it’s not solving the problem. They need to be taught how to be a parents and what they did is wrong. I’ve seen worst video people are just sick. No the child deserve better and it just might open doors for them to be better.

  14. LaVella on said:

    So many dumb niggas, so little time….. Makes the majority of us decent black people so fuming mad because others will associate this to a wider group than there actually is. We all know there are a handful of homes where this kind of thing goes on. Even one is too many. How do they ever expect to evolve into respected humans when they pull these kind of ignorant acts. There are just dragging everybody down to their level of low-life….

  15. I am glad that the police post this video. I do not want to hear about what other races do. Just because someone else doesn’t doesn’t mean you have to do it to. I have seen this all too often in my community. Young toddlers sitting in the backseat of their parents car listening to gangsta rap music with all the cussing. These are the years when children should be learning how to speak properly learn to say yes ma’am and no sir. This young man will be the future gang banger who may possibly ROB you or sexually assault you disrespect you or try to hurt you for no reason. There note justification for this. Why have we as black people embrace the ghetto life mentality. Some of you all have family members that do this and you don’t want them to be called out why? Why do we as black people have to raise our kids to be savages when we all know that the criminal justice system feeds off of this dont we understand this is how they make there money off our kids. And look at all of the urban so-called reality TV show it’s the same thing everyone disrespect. Each other cursing each other out. Having sex with each other partners and we love this stuff but failed to realize that these images reflect us as a whole. But the people that need to read this won’t and the ones that need to tell them about this won’t. But as soon as something happens they will be the first one to say I told you so. There is no justification for this and please stop comparing our people to what others do that we know is wrong

  16. Ok, most of you are right, but why don’t they post picture of white’s teaching thier kids to hate, why post this about a black baby!!! Why should the parent be arrested they don’t arrest white people for teaching hate? Not just black people do dumb crap, not only do black people do dumb stuff, it just black are the only one that get it mostly public. I don’t like it, they should be teaching this kid to read and write instead of this crap. School is going to be hard enought on our kids without them going to school stupid.

    • Jiggy5 on said:

      It’s OK because white people do it too? Are you for focking real you dumb azz knee-gro. I can’t believe you said that. Get to stepping’ for I smack you across the mouth Elva.
      Holla’ at the Scholar

  17. If they can’t be arrested, I am sure Social Service or Child Welfare can require the parents, and or family members to attend parenting classes. The classed are free in all states. I agree, these individuals are ignorant and have no idea that in the yeas to come this child may not live to see his 10th birthfday.

  18. Marcia on said:

    Wow jhuf you really said like you have experience with this and it hit too close to home. I don’t think what the police did was in good judgment. I understand the point they were trying to make, but this was the wrong way to do it. this kind of behavior happens in white and Hispanic as well as black homes. We all have dealt with an ignorant relative who think it is “cute”. What disturbs be the most is the adults who encourage and egg on that poor child. Unfortunately in about ten years, they will have to fight that same child for control of their home. Its sad and hopefully whoever posted it is shamed into doing something about it.

  19. Ian Rousseaux on said:

    Yes these parents should be arrested put in jail for this disgusting behavior!!!!!! This poor little boy I hope he would be adopted by a loving home with parents that deserve him and will treat him as a child and a loving member of their family! lock the parents up and throw away the keys!!!!!!!!!!! GHETTO TRASH!!!!!!!!!

  20. redbone1954 on said:

    They are saying no laws have been broken but I am still concerned that they are showing the childs face!!!!! This is completly ignorant

  21. What enrages me is how the police focus on this being a cycle in their community but they do not dare mention the cycle they cause by exploiting black people. Reposting this black family is part of the reason many people believe the stereotypes that black people are like this. It is like when in history black people were portrayed as being beastly, ignorant, and shiftless. Where are the videos of the other races that have the same mentality because it is a social thing in many urban societies which harbor and create in ALL races? I’m tired of seeing negative videos of only black people, where are the others? Let’s get the truth out and even the score.

    • I’ve seen countless pictures, videos, films and documentaries about white racist, kkk raised children. And never was the identity of the children or the parents hidden. If we ever expect to solve the problem of coonery, buffoonery and tomfoolery in our culture, we have to stop the tit for tat bullshit, forget about what other races are doing and concentrate on why black parents persist on schooling our children on the Jay Z/Lil Wayne method of higher learning. Who gives a rat’s ass about how many white kids have been videoed acting a fool? What the hell does that have to do with the price of apples in Washington when it comes to dealing with our own. Waa, waa, waa! “How come you showin’ our ignorant kids on camera and not yawl’s?” bullshit is getting old. Stop whining about what other races are doing or not doing, and concentrate on what you should be doing to make things better for the black youths who can be taught to cuss like a sailor, learn the words to entire rap songs, but can’t be taught how to shit in a toilet. Damn! Stop whining!

      • jim ... on said:

        Well said, Kay. The culture of thuggery seems to be perpetuated by the culture of victimhood practiced by blacks. It is their own responsibility to regulate their culture–to make it known that thuggery/victimhood is not tolerated.

      • Wildflower on said:

        I get what you are saying Kay but to throw Jay Z and Lil Wayne under the bus isn’t fair. These two young men are entertainers. Artist that just rap about what is already out there and happening. Not to mention that they are both educated and successful. Rap isn’t the devil or evil. It’s part of the black culture that should be embraced. The white culture propaganda has turn society against anything that comes out of the black community but at the same time they have no problem using it to line their pockets. Look at all the commercials using rap now. And if we want to blame the artist for rap why aren’t we blaming Stephen Spielberg for the murderous movies he create, James Patterson for all the crime fiction he writes? When they do it its entertainment but when we do it i’s buffoonery as you put it, negative and wrong. We are a beautiful race and there is negative in all races.

      • You don’t understand my statement. Being rappers has nothing to do with why I used Jay Z and LW as examples in my post. As a matter of fact, the word rapper was never mentioned in my post.

  22. Grace Ferguson-Lyon on said:

    You all can’t be mad at the police because they put this out there for everyone to see, leave a comment, or be outraged about this. The people or the parents of ths child or toddler should be in trouble for making this video of their child doing this. There are many parents going to jail for other abuse to their child, “what about this?” because this is concerned child abuse as well, “what will their punisment be for this?” Think about the 16 year old that escaped the abuse that he encountered by the hands of his brother and sister in law and other children that are being abused everyday at the hands of their parent, DYFS, teacher, priest, etc. I don’t know “how you all feel about this?” but it gets my blood to boiling.

  23. “Police union is under fire and being labeled as racist for telling the truth. — In other news, mouse pads are now being labeled as racist, because the bottom rubber gripping surface is black. Civil rights leaders say this black colored rubber is perpetuating the thought that blacks are on the ‘bottom’ of society. Also, written text is racist because it’s black. Interior doors within structures which are white, are additionally being labeled as racist because they suggest that whites have ‘open doors’ to opportunity that minorities do not have access to. Coming soon is a list of a million other things that are now being labeled as racist for the year 2014. Leaders are now suggesting the planet’s shape is racist. Look out for the 2014 list of racist things to find out why.”

    • jim ... on said:

      When the truth is racist, we will see divisions in race relations grow even more pronounced as this insidious rhetorical term is stretched to the limits of its value at inciting hatred against Whites. As a pejorative, “racist” lacks all credibility as a tool of argument except to surrender the argument at hand to those labeled “racist”.

    • Justin on said:

      Why should the parents be arrested? Yes that video is quite sick, and they have failed as parents, but if we arrest them for their child saying such things where does it stop? Do we also arrest parents cause their child speaks out against the president? I’m sure you think I’m being extreme, but its the same thing. Now the child will go with CPS who are more likely to physically abuse him and push him into the same life style the parents were. The only difference is me as a resident of Omaha NE have to pay for his decent into that horrible life style.

      • Emotional and psychological abuse is every bit as harmful as physical. More subtle, more insidious, but just as damaging. The harm this child is liable to inflict upon others and the consequences he will suffer because of being raised in this type of environment will be the result of his parent’s “harmless” fun. Do you understand now?

      • Justin on said:

        Kay how do you define mental and emotional abuse? Personally I think if you let your kids listen to Justin Bieber and Milley Cirus your abusing them, more so then your child saying cuss words and acting like that. Physical abuse is seen, mental abuse is not, nor can it be determined or quantified. As i said before the parents failed this child when it comes to respect, that doesn’t mean they don’t love their child and that they don’t take good care of him. There was no evidence in this video to cause an investigation on behalf of OPD. Whats next? If your kid says Mexican instead of “Latino American” the police will taking him/her away for not being politically correct. Or they say Obama sucks as a president, men in black suits are going to jump out of the sky and arrest them at gun point? Children are not old enough to have rights so those rights fall to the parents, hints why your parents can tell you what you can or cant say. Well these parents allow their child to speak like that, that is between them none of us need to get involved in that matter. If the child threaten to blow up a school or other terroristic threat that would be different, but just because he used words you did not like does not mean the parents should be arrested or lose their child.

  24. The cops are under fire? what about the parents that think this is qute. this is how AA kids become animals
    born to ignorant ghetto crackwhore women with pimps for daddys. on his current track this kid has NO chance juvie hall all through school. to lying in some street with half his face blown off by the time he’s 16

    • BLACK MOSES 73 on said:

      Take it easy jhuf.Those comments sound kind of personal.Do you sit around and wait for black people to do dumb things like and let all your true feelings out about them.I agree that this was very ignorant but your comment sounds like you just don’t like black people.I don’t know what your race is but whatever it is i’m pretty sure ignorant crimes are being comitted.Come on dude ghetto crackwhore,pimps for daddy’s.

      • Well Black Moses as a BLACK MAN (and proud of it) I get very disturbed at the social and moral degradation I see in black community’s I don’t know how old you are but when I was growing up
        This would not have been tolerated in ANY facet of the black community poor or affluent
        In some ways blacks as a whole had a better moral compass than whites. now we out perform
        them in some of the worst behavior and happy to air it out for all to see (look at jerry springer show)
        Every day things become more and more competitive it this country once AA’s were the largest minority
        Now it’s Hispanic. I know there is absurd behavior in EVERY race. I know that only a small amount of AA’s engage in detrimental behavior , but we must stop this decline we are engaged in.

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