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Florida State Attorney Angela Corey filed a motion late Monday evening to revoke the bond of Marissa Alexander.

According to local news, Alexander was ordered to remain on home detention as a condition of her release. However, the state attests that Alexander allegedly left her home numerous times to run errands.

Alexander was released on bond November 27, 2013. She is currently awaiting a new trial for firing a warning shot in the ceiling during an altercation with her ex-husband.

The motion will be reviewed on Friday, January 10, at 9 a.m.

14 thoughts on “State Attorney Files Motion to Revoke Marissa Alexander’s Bond

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  2. she could have acted like Zimmerman and shot and killed him but she was not trying to kill him….just to scare him away from hurting her…..let her go….she is justified in what she did

  3. Catherine on said:

    this was a crazy charge from the beginning but if her conditions of release set for her to stay in the house then if she left to run errands she was clearly wrong this sentence itself may not be correct everything else may not be correct but she knew that she should have walked the line and if she was not supposed to leave the house she should not have left. hell they charged her when she was innocent so she knew if you did something wrong that there would be a revocation hearing on her bail being a parole officer and a probation agent she has violated the conditions of her release and therefore the state does have the right to ask for a rreview.

  4. I believe that her bond should be revoked if she violated the conditions. As a condition of her release, she was required to remain home. I am sure she signed documents stating that. She went outside of her home to run an errand. She violated the terms. She did not get stopped. She did not break any laws. However, she did not keep her word to remain home.

  5. I think we need to start publicly exposing these people. Posting there pictures world wide. And release the Kracken. Racisim should’ve been a topic at the rose bowl.

  6. Portia Fitzpatrick on said:

    I wish people would reesearch actual case. This is not an innocent woman who was trying to defend herself. She got caught cheating and when she got confronted about it she went to her car and got her and came back and shot at her boyfriends head in while he was standing next to his children. I hope they revoke her bail.

  7. BRNEYZ on said:

    I can’t believe how those prejudice M— are treating that poor lady. Yall need to find something else better to do. Go out and find some real crimes and sentence them if you all are bored. IJS!!!

  8. This is some bull&$!#. I hope when she is re-tried and acquitted she leaves Florida forever. Clearly this judge and others have it in for her. Florida IS the deep south and all the window dressing in the world can’t cover up the bigotry and prejudice going on here..

  9. Camella Jenkins on said:

    ditto that kdawgg and Marcia, I’ve never been to Florida and have no intentions to ever go there. Regardless of the great advertisement, glitz and glam it gets in the eyes of the media, Florida is still the deep south.

  10. Marcia on said:

    why does the state of Florida hate this women who didn’t kill anyone and was by the looks of it truly defending her life! I swear this is a state I did not have to visit again in life.

  11. kdawgg on said:

    Let me see if I got this right, Zimmerman kill one person, Have been stopped three times by the Police for speeding been arrested twice for Domestic Violence, On each occasion the woman refuse to press charges,The State refuse to prosecute despite evidence and 91 call that it occurred, what did they do give him his guns back and pat him on the back and know we have a black woman who didn’t kill or wounded anyone sent to jail for 20 years however, after such an up roar the case sent back for a retrial, placed on home detention pending retrial, ran an errand didn’t get stop by the Police or violate any laws what do the states want, revoke her bond and put her back in jail. Yes, if you are black, justice is not blind and double standard as usual prevail. Go figure.

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