NEW YORK (AP) — “Saturday Night Live” is adding a black woman to its cast after being criticized for a lack of diversity.

NBC said Monday that Sasheer Zamata will join the show later this month. She is a recent University of Virginia graduate who has worked for the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy group in New York City.

“SNL” hasn’t had a black woman among its regular cast members since the biracial Maya Rudolph left in 2007. It has had four black women in its regular troupe since premiering in 1975.

It became an issue earlier this season after the show’s two black male cast members, Jay Pharoah and Kenan Thompson, made comments about the absence. It also was joked about onscreen when Kerry Washington of “Scandal” was a guest host.

(Photo: Twitter)

4 thoughts on “‘Saturday Night Live’ Hires First Black Woman Since 2007

  1. I’m gonna make a prediction. this new SNL cast member will be mediocre. I honestly think she won’t have the opportunity to become what Tina Fey is to SNL. she will become a mediocre cast member like Keenan and Jay Pharoh. now, if I’m wrong I’m able to live with my view. let’s see.

  2. Good to hear they have women of color employed, But I never thought of that, since I don’t watch it that much to notice, but hopefully they will draw a bigger crowd on hiring more women of’s been way to long for this to have happen 17yrs with no diversity WOW”.Ok SNL lets get it together””‘

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