A lot went down on last night’s episode of ”The Real Housewives Of Atlanta,” but it was how Peter Thomas talked to his wife Cynthia Bailey that caught people’s attention.  Listen to Britt’s Ratchet Reality Review to hear the heated argument that transpired between the couple to decide if Peter crossed the line.

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8 thoughts on “Ratchet Reality Review: Does Peter Thomas Disrespect Cynthia Bailey? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. Willie on said:

    HUSBAND TO TAKE THE HIGH-ROAD: When Mom is not happy, the house is not happy. As such, Peter neglects to take the high-road. Peter is not taking advantage of an opportunity to show his wife & his wife’s family that he has class as a gentleman by extending an olive branch to Cynthia’s sister despite their differences would be taking the high-road.

  2. She-She on said:

    Did Peter really give Cynthia a chance to explain herself? From the looks of the show, not so much. Yet and still, as soon as her sister broke the news, Cynthia should have called Peter and asked if it was ok or as soon as he came in, pulled him to the side and discussed it. I’m puzzled as to why her sister didn’t opt to stay with their Mom, a friend, a hotel, or hell a shelter! That may have been a better option than staying with Peter. He has a total lack of respect for Cynthia and is a rude, disrespectful douche bag. Cynthia is smart in respect to trying to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself with that money. The sister, needs to get her some business and stay out of theirs!

  3. I feel that Cynthia and Peter were disrespectful to each other. They both should not have argued/talked to each other in that manner. But did Cynthia REALLY think that Peter was going to be okay with Mel living there for two month without asking her husband FIRST? She knows Peter and Mel do not get along at all. Cynthia is married to Peter—not her sister! Therefore she should be discussing the personal issues with her spouse only! If one individual was more wrong/disrespectful than the other, I would have to say it was Cynthia in this particular episode! Cynthia should not have… 1. told Mel about her issue with Peter purchasing a car without her consent… 2. Gave her sister sole permission to live at her home for two months without discussing it with her husband first… 3. Dwelling on the past issues that cause turmoil in her marriage… 4. Dis-emasculating her husband with verbal abuse… And this is why Peter was raising his voice and cursing! I’m not saying two wrongs make a right but let’s not put all of this on Peter!

    • Who just shows up and says “I’m staying for 2 months” If I were Peter. I’d be mad as hell too. And sis did not have to say anything about the car. I know it’s all scripted but…

  4. Tyrone on said:

    SUPERIORITY COMPLEX: Most Black People from the Caribbean & Africa look-down on African-Americans, in words to say, Peter Thomas’ overall attitude toward Cynthia is a prime example of that superiority complex! And bare to mind, they sold us into slavery for a bag of flour, sugar, beads, liquor, trinkets, chump change.

    • Tyrone… The Superiority Complex has nothing to do with anything!!!!!! If you do not feel good about yourself, you’ll always take it out on someone else!!!! The topic is about disrespect and communication that should have transpired between the couple before Cynthia’s sister showed up.

      • Tyrone on said:

        @dede: I wholly differ with your point of view. Peter’s superior complex bleeds into the subject at hand & other issues between him & Cynthia. This is shown by the fact he cannot have a civilized conversation with his wife without cursing & yelling at her. As such, I strongly stand by the empirical & historical fact that Most Black People from the Islands & Africa look-down on the Black People of America, which is demonstrated by Peter’s overall attitude toward Cynthia.

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