Despite his new “on break” baby, Ludacris’ girlfriend Eudoxie Agnan says she’s not going anywhere.

According to reports, the rapper’s longtime boo thang plans to stick by his side and continue to work toward marriage.

TMZ sources say the 27-year-old beauty forgives Luda for impregnating new baby mama Tamika Fuller. “We’re told Eudoxie — who’s been dating Luda since 2009 — is emotionally hurt, but she too is taking the position they weren’t a couple at the time of conception… even though their Instagram suggests otherwise,” the site reports.

The insider adds, “Eudoxie will make sure the rapper supports the kid like a responsible father.”

It looks like Eudoxie is following the lead of Gabrille Union, whose fiancee Dwayne Wade also fathered a kid while they were “on a break.”

Luda and Eudoxie have been an item since 2009.

3 thoughts on “Ludacris’ Girlfriend Eudoxie Is Sticking By Her Man’s Side

  1. My take on this is like I said before in regards to Dwayne Wade: Does the word “condom” exist anymore? Why have so many people stop using them? In my opinion both people are to blame for not protecting themselves and each other. The last time I checked STD’s are still out there unless a “magic pill” has been found to cure everyone. All parties involved should be happy that they only have a baby and nothing more… Just sad all way around, but it seems no one gives a d*mn!

  2. Grayson on said:

    These woman are sad. It’s one thing to be cheated on but to use no protection, show’s these men don’t give a darn about the health of the women they suppose to LOVE & CARE for. Ladies get some respect this is ridiculous!!

  3. SayWhat on said:

    Of course she sticking by his side. She don’t want to go back to her old lifestyle of Jane-Q-Public. She wants to continue to rub elbows with the rich and famous. She knows the only reason she’s invited to their parties is because of who she’s dating. No surprise here folks. He can sleep with as many women as he wants as long as she remains his main woman.

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