Everyone knows actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner from  playing Theo Huxtable from the mid-80s well into the early 90s. However, many might have bypassed his recent BET sitcom “Reed Between The Lines” that starred him and Tracee Ellis Ross. Warner recently spoke to Access Atlanta about his feelings surrounding the show’s demise.

In the exclusive interview, Malcolm-Jamal Warner told the publication, “There’s really not much to say about Reed Between The Lines. BET decided not the air the second season, even though it was shot. As a result, there’s really nothing to say about the show. None of us were happy to hear [the cancellation.] They had their reasons, a lot of which I don’t understand…. I thought it was a great execution of dealing with a guy who thought he had a perfect family and marriage only to find out there were issues along the way.”

In case you didn’t know, “Reed Between The Lines” centered around a happily married and professional couple with children. Ross was a psychologist and Warner played a professor. The show followed them as they raised their three children and try to keep everything together while remaining strong as a couple.

After the first season aired to dismal ratings, Tracee Ellis Ross left the show to shoot a pilot which was never picked up. In her absence, BET allowed the show a second season, but never aired it and never gave an explanation as to why. Even when Access Atlanta reached out to BET for a comment on their Malcolm-Jamal Warner interview, none of the channel’s reps could be reached for comment.

While i understand MJW being upset about losing a job, how many people actually knew about this show and were excited about it? No shots, I’m just asking.

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7 thoughts on “Malcolm-Jamal Warner Discusses Failed BET Sitcom

  1. as a late 20’s viewer my wife and i would regularly watch the show and was very disappointed when we found out that it would not be airing another season. I thought the cast was great and finally showed AA’s in a positive light… My opinion we need more shows like this. Nothing against Tyler Perry’s family shows but this was by far better. Just my opinion though.

  2. Mocasol on said:

    I watched the show and I think it was pretty good. However, there was room for improvement just like many other new shows. A better timeslot would have helped the show to succeed, perhaps airing it at 8pm or 9pm. It would be nice to see MJW starring in a similar show…anything would be better than all of the reality TV shows that highlight so many negative images. I’ve often questioned BET’s decisions, especially the changes made to The Game. The Game was a great show until BET turned it into a HOT MESS, which I no longer watch. Perhaps MJW can come up with a show idea and pitch it to the OWN network.

  3. taylormi on said:

    Hello In the Washington D,C Metropolitan area the show was aired on BET at 10:00 P.m most teenagers and younger people are already in bed preparing for School the next day or work and parents most likely are gone already to bed for the next days work or business. I don”t understand the time slot, seems like a set up to failure. Peace.

    • Blackmoses73 on said:

      Art that very well can possibly true,but then again the only time people are interested in black families/people on t.v. it has to be shown in a negative light

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