NEW YORK (AP) — An MSNBC host apologized to Mitt Romney‘s family Tuesday after she and guests on her show joked about a Christmas picture that showed the 2012 Republican presidential candidate’s adopted, African-American grandson.

Melissa Harris-Perry said her intention was to celebrate diversity, but the segment took an unexpected and offensive turn when she asked her guests to talk about a photo showing infant Kieran Romney with his grandparents and their 21 other grandchildren, all of them white.


One guest on her Sunday show, actress Pia Glenn, sang “one of these things just isn’t the same.”

Comedian Dean Obeidallah said it “sums up the diversity of the Republican party.”

Harris-Perry said she’d like to see Kieran marry Kanye West‘s daughter so West and Romney would be in-laws.

MSNBC has had several of its hosts issue apologies in recent months.

Martin Bashir apologized and resigned from the network on Dec. 4 after making graphic remarks about former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, suggesting someone should defecate in her mouth.

Bashir’s comments about Palin came on the same day MSNBC suspended Alec Baldwin from his weekly show for two episodes because the actor used an anti-gay slur in a confrontation with a photographer on a New York City street. Baldwin apologized, and he and network ended his show after five episodes.

12 thoughts on “MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Apologizes for Jokes About Mitt Romney’s Grandson

  1. the Timekeeper on said:

    I is true that there have not been any apologies, firings or demotions at FoxNews. Does that make them better? Or does it simply mean they accept and applaud racism and bigotry. I have seen GOP representaitves approve of confederate flag wacing in fron of the white house. I have seen the Obama chidren called out of their name. We have seen the president defaced and callled names that no one should ever, ever be called ( whether we like them or ont)And yet no one on FOX, the GOP or any conservative radio show ever once say this is over the line. So when you say Fox doesnt have any reprimands, do you really think this makes them better? I would think long and hard before coming back with a knee jerk reply. I would rather apologize for something I did worng ( even if I wasnt sure I needed to) rather than knowinlgy say something that is way over the line and pretend it is okay simply becauseI can gain a little applause from a few bigots.

  2. Also, jokes have been made about Michael Jackson and Michael YET some of you want to get upset over Melissa and others who joked about Romney’s adopting a black kid? Goes to show how full of it people can be. And Foxnews made rude remarks about Michael Jackson and his white kids.

  3. Yet another example of how off the rails this network is ,,guest Pia Glenn a minority herself jokes about it. HLN ,CNN, FOX no other network has risen to the level of disgrace that MSNBC (messNBC)
    has, Firings , Apologies Demotions, they have become a laughing stock

      • So when Angelina Jolie, Madonna and other Liberal Hollywood elitists adopt black baby’s who are they catering to Amber?
        Name someone on HLN, CNN, FOX who has been fired, demoted, or even racket up the number of on air
        Apology’s that MSNBC has.
        Your blind Ideology/plantation loyalty to liberals shows your true colors Amber.
        Blacks in this country are worse off now more than in the last 30 yrs. But people like you will
        Continue to detract from and defend those liberals who are causing your plight
        Detroit is a great example of a city FULL of Ambers

  4. She didn’t lie and I think most people were thinking the same thing. Romney had made many PRIVATE comments about folks and now all of a sudden his family adopts a black kid. Sorry but some people use babies and others as “pods” for self gain. MSNBC comment was not directed at the child but at the politics that the Romney’s play.

  5. As an African American, I was very disappointed to hear Mrs. Perry and her guest remarks concerning of Gov. Romney, beautiful black grandchild, not only was it not funny, but down right silly. It’s really sad to see professional people stoop so low, and make fun of an innocent baby. There are plenty of high profile white people in this country that have adopted black children, and Mrs. Perry deliberately singled out Gov. Romney grandchild. This nasty war between the Democrats, and the Republicans, has gotten completely out of hand, people on both sides, are saying the most vicious things, without any regard to who they may hurt, a racist is a racist, I don’t care what color you are, or what party you belong to.

    • Oh please cristren. What did MSNBC say that was true? They were NOT making fun of that child. Clearly you are seeing what you want to see. And people need to stop throwing the word “racist” around without knowing the meaning of the word. The Romneys have a right to be “questioned” about their motives compare to what they have said in PRIVATE and now all of sudden a black kid is adopted. Give me a break. As for these celebs who adopted blacks children, those celebs have NEVER gave any reason to think they are doing it for any other reason. That is the differences. And for the record, blacks can NOT be racist. Prejudice yes, but NOT racist. Look when President Obama won the elections, the RNC hired Mike Steele when all the years before NEVER had a black person and then later Mr. Steele was let go over the party. SOrry but many folks especially blacks have seen these kinds of tactics in the past. So again, the Romney’s are going to be questioned. ANd why did the black baby boy just happen to be sitting on Mitt Romney’s lap dressed in PINK for the cameras wheres the other little baby boys were dressed in blue? Give me a break.

  6. the Timekeeper on said:

    It is obvious that this segment took an unexpected turn. Melissa Harris Perry to her credit immediatley apologized. Last month Martin Bashir made a mistake and apologized as well. In fact he resiugned shortly thereafter. to some this may appear to be an obvious sign of guilt. However, Jesus said If you Love them that love you, what reward have ye” (Matt 5:46) In other words, it takes a real Christian man or woman to apologize when a trasgression has occured ( whether it is warranted or not) Folks on Fox and several GOP politicians have made some of the most Vile, Racist, and Bigoted statemnents we have ever heard. And yet, not once has there ever been an apology from any of them. So what reward do they have. That giddy, laughing pat on the back feel good from their friends. When that Euphoria wears off that will be their only reward.. This is what defines a Christian. When you stand up and apologize. When you refuse to do so you only know “of God” but you dont know God, and you will in noa way enter into the Kingdom of Heaven” I dont know if MHP felt she needed to apologize or not. But she did. Excellent job. At least she is aware. For those who Spew racsit hatred and bigotry and fee no need to apologize or even recognize their transgresion. Then it begs the question “What Reward Have Ye?

    • Most of the people who complaine were conservatives and Foxnews viewers. And it is clear those folks were trying to make this to be something that was not. It was not about the kid it was about the Romney’s. Foxnews made comments about Hilary Clinton being in a black church as if she is about to preach and use black church talk to gain votes so why can not any say something about the Romney who look suspious in adopting a black boy. I think many people agree with Melissa other than the conservatives who want to turn this into something else. Funny many of these people were not upset with Sarah Palin and these people support Rush Limburgh. What Melissa said was true and MSNBC should questioned it and what Sarah and Rush say are racist comments.

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