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Tom Joyner Morning Show funnyman J. Anthony Brown is always stamping his humor, creativity, and funky flare on the issues we are talking about. Whether it be a “Scandal” finale, a woman’s behind, or fried chicken; JAB has something to say…. or sing about it.

Here are some of our favorites moments of his in 2013.

Remember when he put Roland Martin on the cover of “The Young and Neckless“? If not, see it here. And revealed to the world that the News One Now host also had a “neckolemptomy“.

Then there was that one time, he created a hilarious song for Ashley Reid, the daughter of Perri “Pebbles” Reid, about her watching the TLC biopic through Twitter. LISTEN  Don’t forget he also had an “exclusive” interview with Ms. Pebbles herself. See it here.

One time he had grieving “Scandal” fans covered. Listen And it probably is the best “Murdered Hit” of all time!

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