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BAW readers love our commentaries and this year, they got almost 1 million views. Check out our top 10 commentaries for 2013 from the black perspective.

COMMENTARY: New Evidence in Kendrick Johnson’s Death? Let’s Get to the Truth. Was It Murder?

COMMENTARY: Tom Joyner’s Opinion on Tavis Smiley’s White House Accusations

COMMENTARY: It’s Time for Reverend Al Sharpton to Step Up Again For Tawana Brawley

COMMENTARY: Charles Ramsey: American Hero or Racial Healer?

COMMENTARY: Open Season Continues – Police Light Up Black Man for Reaching for a Smoke

COMMENTARY: White Golfer Goes Nuts, Attacks Black Golfers Then Threatens to Stab Them

COMMENTARY: Michelle Obama in Standoff With Heckler: ‘I Don’t Care What You Believe’

COMMENTARY: Obama is Right to Speak About the Sting of Racism

COMMENTARY: Dolphins Should Give Incognito His Walking Papers for Bullying

COMMENTARY: Tavis Smiley: Obama’s Race Remarks Are ‘Weak as Pre-Sweetened Kool-Aid’