Shaunie O’Neal wants to do a reality show featuring her and the kids. Only problem is her now ex, Shaquille O’Neal, isn’t having it.

That means Shaunie would have to do an end run via the courts and that went down this morning, but that didn’t go her way, either.

Apparently Shaunie wanted the judge to rule in her favor without a hearing, but Shaq’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, convinced the judge there was no rush and a hearing was necessary, but that takes time. Can you say classic stall tactic?

As TMZ first reported, Shaq, who has joint custody, has been warring with Shaunie over the reality show, insisting ubiquitous cameras at home would be a terrible distraction for their 4 kids … some of whom are already struggling in school. He’s also worried the show will portray Shaunie and the kids in a negative light.

Shaunie has insisted the show will be wholesome family fun, but with scandal-hungry producers breathing down Shaunie’s neck and her own cat-fighting track record on “Basketball Wives,” Shaq isn’t convinced.

With filming for the reality show is scheduled to begin in January, the pressure is clearly on Shaunie to get the big fella to relent. Good luck.

10 thoughts on “Shaunie O’Neal Loses Court Battle Over Kids/Reality Show to Shaq

  1. Wow! She wants to exploit her children. She’s in so deep that she needed someone to say no this is not good for the children. Shame on you Shaunie.

  2. Shaq is on point. Looks like he’s the parent who’s really concerned about their kids. The kids should be foused on going to school not becoming reality TV stars.

  3. Wildflower on said:

    Way to look out for the best interest of your kids Shaq. They need a parent right now because it seems Shaunie is only seeing dollar signs right now.

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