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R. Kelly has been dealing with an avalanche of negative media that began with the release of his latest studio album, “Black Panties,” and an ill-advised “#AskRKelly” Twitter chat. Now, BK Nation, a non-profit organization founded by activist Kevin Powell, has created a petition calling for an end of support for the Chicago singer’s career.

A Village Voice piece that exposed graphic details of Kelly’s sexual abuse allegations revealed there was more to the singer’s troubled past than previously rumored. Now, Powell is calling on a boycott of Kelly’s music and artistic career, with an emphasis on Black men joining the call.


We at BK NATION are calling on radio stations, video channels, music publications and websites, members of the entertainment industry, and men and women of all backgrounds to sign our petition COMPLETELY BOYCOTTING R. Kelly’s musical and artistic career until he is completely honest about who is, publicly apologizes for this behavior cited from many sources, gets extended counseling, and takes a very public stand and actions against sexual violence in any form.

Kevin Powell, president and cofounder of BK Nation, is especially asking men, including Black men, to join us in taking a very public stand against any form of sexual violence and assault against women, girls, and children. We at BK Nation believe that silence is this matter is agreement and support. And we believe that if we give R. Kelly a pass then we are also saying anyone who commits sexual violence, famous or not, should get a pass as well.

To learn more about BK Nation’s petition against R. Kelly, click here.

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4 thoughts on “Kevin Powell’s BK Nation Starts Petition To Boycott R. Kelly

  1. While issues of school closings and stop-and-frisk, along with the others named in a post above are important, so is the well-being of young black girls as well as young black boys. I would be willing to bet that not one black man or woman defending R. Kelly in spite of his vile actions would be doing so if he were white and doing the same things to black girls. They would be calling for his hide. If nothing else, his case has underscored just how little too many of us in black communities actually value our young girls. Some hold them accountable for their exploitation by grown men like R. Kelly, but give the men a pass, especially if they are celebrities like him. If we don’t value our girls, who else will? Much is made of the very real problems that black men and boys face, and that’s a good thing. But it’s just as important to address the problems that black women and girls face. It’s not a case of either-or but both-and. R. Kelly needs to be held accountable for his horrible misdeeds, especially since he comes across as being unrepentant. As for the petition, I signed it and made a small donation as well. R. Kelly is one of the most infamous predators of young girls, but he’s far from being the only one. Holding him and other men accountable is not bringing black men down, but showing we care about our communities which included black men, women, and children. Predators and other miscreants are the ones bringing us down, and having talent is no excuse.

  2. Angel M. Feimster-Montoya on said:

    R.Kelly is a disgusting sexual predator as detailed in official court documents. What kind of idiot would still support this man? What kind of radio station would even play his crappy music again? It’s sick that so many of you don’t give a damn about what he has done as you continue to listen, play and advocate for his disgusting behavior. Even the Tom Joyner Morning show plays his shi%%y music. WTH is that about? Get a moral compass. Kevin Powell is doing the right thing.

  3. So we have the unconstitutional stop and frisk going on, they closed over 30 schools in Chicago in the last year, the CCA is creating more private prisons, and they are pushing dangerous ADHD meds on black children and this guy is boycotting an old R and B singer?

    • BLACK MOSES 73 on said:


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