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There are things in life that you experience without being able to point your finger on it, but it doesn’t make it any less real. The phenomenon known as “Black Twitter” is treated with skepticism by some (isn’t Twitter just Twitter?) while others wholeheartedly embrace the notion of a separate and vocal nation within the Twittersphere.

“I think Black Twitter is genius, to me it’s just honest,” says Talib Kweli, who boasts a healthy 826,000 followers on the micro-blogging social network. “We live in a segregated society so why wouldn’t a social network be segregated? It’s clever to own it and acknowledge it. I jump between Black Twitter and White Twitter depending on what I want to read about.”

While the Brooklyn MC makes full use of Twitter to promote his shows and projects, like the recently release “Gravitas,” he feels that the audience can be used for even greater good.

“If Black Twitter could take that power and create voting blocks in our community where we’re voting as a community on certain issues that would be interesting,” he reasons. “Too many people think you can click a hashtag and that makes you an activist, and that’s not the case.”

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