According to a survey completed by, Louisiana has the worst drivers in the United States.

The site based its decision on the amount of fatalities per 100 miles traveled, seat belts and signal laws broken, amount of DUIs, speeding tickets, and careless driving citations.

Here’s the top ten list below. (there is no #8)

10. North Dakota

9. Montana

7. North Carolina

8. Missouri

6. Florida

5. Alabama

4. Texas

3. Mississippi

2. South Carolina

1. Louisiana

Do you agree with the list?

One thought on “Which State Has the Worst Drivers? Find Out Inside!

  1. I live in Hamptons Roads area of Virginia, and they are the worst drivers. They don’t understand that the left lane is “passing”, they ride their brakes for a mile before making a turn, and they love to sit in your blind spot. OMG!

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