JACQUE REID:  Right, it was found in a ditch.  And her cellphone wasn’t in the car.  You say she left her cellphone at the hospital.


JACQUE REID:  And a bloodhound that they brought to the scene, you guys, went from the car to the highway and then lost the scent.  Tenesha, do you think someone picked her up?

TENESHA PATRICK:  I mean I have no idea.  That is what I’m thinking because, you know, bloodhounds can track scents for miles.


TENESHA PATRICK:  If it couldn’t pick up her scent then, you know, it’s improbable that she walked off.  So why would she get into a car?  Why would – was she meeting up with someone?  Did someone grab her?  You know, all of those are questions that we have, that we still haven’t been able to get answers to.

JACQUE REID:  She was new to the area, had she made friends?

TENESHA PATRICK:  So, she had, you know, her residency friends.  The program was pretty intense.  So you’re in the hospital and then you go home, you sleep, and then you go back to the hospital.  And maybe, you know, you get to a Zumba class, you know, she loved her Zumba class.  And maybe you get to church, you know, on the weekends, every once in a while, and then you go back to the hospital.  So most of her friends in the area were her residency friends.

SYBIL WILKES:  Work related.

TENESHA PATRICK:  Some people from the local church and, you know, people, a couple of people that she had met through Zumba.

JACQUE REID:  Now I know you all had a prayer vigil there.


JACQUE REID:  And you’re there with your mother and father, I spoke with you and your mom last night, no doubt dealing with the heartbreaking fear that comes when a loved one goes missing, all of you, how are you all coping with this?  Because I know you all have relocated to Kalamazoo in order to search for Teleka.

TENESHA PATRICK:  So, I mean, right now we’re relying on the, our faith in God, and the kindness of people here.  You know we’ve met some wonderful people who just speak so highly of Teleka, and just speak how wonderful of a blessing she’s been in their life.  And they’ve been just so helpful in helping us with our living arrangements, with food.  And we’re, you know, we are trying to just stay strong.  We have acquired a private investigator, and we have a gofundme.com site.  Gofundme.com/findteleka.  And that is helping to pay for the private investigator as well as a reward if there is any tip that leads to her being found.

JACQUE REID:  Yeah, because a lot of people don’t realize, Skip and Sybil, and J, the cost to the families, you know, they’ve relocated to Michigan, they’re staying in hotels, they’re not working because they’re there, they hired a private investigator, the costs add up.

For more information or to contribute to the family’s search for Teleka, visit here.

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8 thoughts on “Tenesha Patrick, Sister of Missing Teleka Patrick, Pleads For the Public’s Help

  1. Just wondering about the missing surviellance tapes, or unoperable, and who was the person who dropped her off, thats where the trail seems to really be stumped…interesting.

  2. I pray that someone will come forward with information. Check with the hotel. Sounds fishy like file play. On top of that her ride was located in Indiana? This world is so full of mess..

  3. Thank you for spreading the word on Teleka Patrick’s disappearance! Too often, many cases of black people missing goes unsolved. But it’s agencies like the Black and Missing foundation that makes it possible for them to be found! Kudos to you, Tom Joyner! I hope and pray that she’s found safe and sound !

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