Michael Clarke Duncan’s body lies in an unmarked cemetery tomb more than a year after his death because of a feud going on between his family and former fiancée, Omarosa Manigault.

According to TMZ, at issue is a bronze plaque for Duncan’s vault at Forest Lawn Cemetery in L.A. As of now there’s no plaque at all. Although it has been paid for as part of the late actor’s funeral bill, it has yet to be ordered.

Sources close to Omarosa tell TMZ she had planned to order a plaque inscribed with Duncan’s name and his birth and death dates, but was blocked by his family because they wanted to handle it.

But friends of Duncan’s family tell TMZ the opposite is true. They claim Omarosa identified herself as his “wife” on the cemetery paperwork and promised to order the inscription, but never did.

And neither side wants to talk to the other to work it out.

One family friend tells TMZ the whole thing is “outrageous and shameful,” especially since Michael’s mother is 95 years old and in poor health, and would like her son to finally rest in peace.

4 thoughts on “Omarosa, Michael Clarke Duncan’s Family Fight Over His Tomb

  1. How can Omarosa ,, Make a decision like that she is not his wife, and was not going to be his wife,
    the only people that can make that decision is his siblings or if he has any living kids, Omarosa just wants to get her self back in the media… bottom line, she is not his wife. she should not be making any decisions regarding how he should be laid to rest,, Move on Omarosa go get yourself another man. and get on with your life…

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