ABC’s “What Would You Do?” hosted by John Quinones is known for creating uncomfortable situations with everyday people and capturing their reactions.

Last week’s episode featured “Rachel,” an actress playing a hairstylist at Harlem barbershop Denny Moe’s who is flirting with a Black male patron. When his White girlfriend walks in, she immediately begins loudly criticizing him and making snide comments about her. Hidden cameras capture the reactions—ranging from those who ignored “Rachel’s” shenanigans to those who called her out for being “ignorant” and “racist.”

The video has gone viral and sparked interesting social media conversations about race relations and the controversial claim of “reverse racism.”

Check out the video and tell us: “What would you do?”

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88 thoughts on “White Girlfriend Enters Black Barbershop, This Is What Happened [VIDEO]

  1. This is an old experiment . Actually it’s a practice called ” invisible theatre ” developed by the Augusto Boal. My sister did this same experiment on a subway in NYC as a class project in 1990′. I wish the producers would give the well deserved credit to Mr Boal .

  2. This John Quinones clown and his stupid show is always making other people looking stupid. He will NEVER do a segment in which his “own kind” are put under the spotlight. Another punk latin…

    • You wish all black people were like this?? I wish all people were like this. Ignorance doesn’t have a color. There is ignorance in every race. If people were to just step above that ignorance this world would be a better place

  3. agree with ash…there is no such thing as “reverse” racism….white, black, no matter…they are all races….racism is racism no matter who it is coming from

  4. God bless those people for doing the right thing. I would hope that a group of white people would do the same if the situation were reversed. I am white and I’m sorry to say I have my doubts. This story brought tears to my eyes. Let’s all treat each other with love, dignity and respect.

    • You are right. As a white person you know ‘how’ your people are. Whites seemingly are “offended” when they get hate in their direction but “strangely” don’t seem to mind dishing it out as though they are entitled to do so….

  5. Roy Lesher on said:

    The communities around Hampton Roads in Virginia live with racial tension every day, yet my wife and I (white) were never more warmly welcome in any church as we were in the congregation of a fellow worker’s church in Portsmouth (all black). Not just a one time reaction. These folks were warmly friendly to any person of any color who came to worship God with them. We were privileged to visit with them a few more times later.

  6. this is discrimination, prejudice, bigotry, but it isn’t reverse racism. racism involves bigotry, prejudice, discrimination, but with power and advantage for the dominating group, at the expense of the oppressed group. watch this to see what i mean:

    • tewdeeq on said:

      I agree. But there is a difference between prejudice and discrimination. Prejudice comes without the disparities, especially the economic disparities, eg, as reflected in the black unemployment rate that which is racism. The girl may have suffered an attack of prejudice or bigotry, but she did not and will not as job and health disparity statistics reflect ( the same always over time) be suffering discrimination or the worse form of racism ( and or sexism).

      • tewdeeq on said:

        Who knows? Maybe the black unemployment rate will start dropping down to where hers, the white female, is for once. In real life, the black man with with the white girl friend would have immediately solved the problem and the actress playing the white girl, would not have had to get up and leave.

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