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Lovers of the world, get ready. The Velvet Teddy Bear, Ruben Studdard is finally releasing a new project called Unconditional Love and thankfully he’s going to do it on February 4, right before Valentine’s Day. Though he was sent home early on the NBC weight loss reality show The Biggest Loser, Studdard remained motivated and lost 112 pounds at home, so he’s obviously doing the right things to amp up his self-love. He says the weight loss has definitely enhanced his life, but that his voice was never affected.

“If you can sing, you can sing,  but losing weight does affect your ability to perform longer,” says Studdard.

Sybil asks:  “On stage or…?”

“My mom is listening to the show this morning,” Studdard laughs. (So maybe we should take that as a yes.)

Studdard says that after his divorce, he remains single and is more focused on making a career renaissance these days. Since becoming the second winner of American Idol in 2003, Studdard has released five albums but his career success has paled in comparison to American Idol Season 3 runner-up Jennifer Hudson and Season 3 winner Fantasia.

“I’m really focused and God has really blessed me with an opportunity. I just signed a new deal with David Foster [on Verve] and this is my sixth album. Time has flown by so fast.”

Studdard was the subject of some controversy on The Biggest Loser as he was eliminated, then brought back and then eliminated again. (There was an issue over caffeine supplements that forced his return.) Studdard struggled to lose weight on TV but also says all doesn’t necessarily appear as it seems on reality shows.

“There are some things behind the scenes that I’m not able to discuss at all. Whatever the results were on the scale or on television, it definitely changed my life. My trainer Dolvett is amazing. When [I found out 2 weeks into the show] that I had diabetes it really scared the hell out of me.”

Studdard, who started out over 400 pounds on The Biggest Loser says he is still losing weight but that he’s going to keep the goal weight number to himself. He’d like to get there before his birthday next September 12th ( a birthday he shares with fellow Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson) and says while he won’t be Snoop Dogg slim, he plans to be able to tuck in his shirt.

Michael Strahan thin, something like that,” Studdard says.

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