Just in time for Oscar season, Lee Daniels’ box office hit The Butler is returning for an encore.

The drama starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey will come back to theaters for a limited time on December 6th. According to reports, the Weinstein Company is re-releasing the film for those who missed it on the big screen the first time around. It is set to play in 1007 theaters nationwide.

“We are excited to be bringing it back to theaters just as the holiday season begins, so that audiences who didn’t catch it the first time around have another opportunity at catching it on the big screen,” said Erik Lomis, TWC’s President of Distribution.

The Butler, which moved President Obama to tears, tells the story of Cecil Gaines, a African-American butler who worked in the White House for 34 years.

The historical drama, based on the true story of Eugene Allen, earned over $115 million during its first box office run.

In related news, Fruitvale Station, also Weinstein Co release., will be available for an early release on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD starting Jan. 14.

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