TMZ is reporting a Wendy’s employee named Amy Seiber has been arrested and fined after she served a customer a cheeseburger that had a half-smoked marijuana blunt inside of it.

The 32-year-old was arrested for possession of marijuana on November 1 during her shift at a Wendy’s franchise located in Lovejoy, Georgia.

According to police, Seiber admitted that it was her blunt. Reportedly, she often smoked marijuana on the job and this time she “misplaced” it.

The customer reportedly suffered food poisoning like symptoms and had to be hospitalized. Wendy’s offered to pay her medical bills and offered her a $50 gift card.

Does Wendy’s owe the customer more?

(Photo: AP)

5 thoughts on “Wendy’s Worker Who Served Marijuana-Blunt Filled Burger Arrested And Fined

  1. Charles Waller on said:

    Eating tobacco can easily make a person ill. Nicotine is toxic. Mixing tobacco with cannabis to smoke is stupid. The comments above are ignorant and stupid. BTW jhuf – there = location, their = possessiveand they’re = contraction of they are. Better to remain silent and thought ignorant than to speak and remove all doubt. That is even more true when leaving a written record.

  2. JHurley on said:

    This is completely ridiculous. For one, keep your kush kush put away. 2, she was not possessing anything at the time. It was sold along with the burger and not in the employees possession. Therefor why charge her with possession. Fired yes, charged no. Also if the person got food poisoning it was not from the blunt, people now a days are just trying for a get rich fast scheme. For example, the lady at mcdonalds that burned herself with coffee. If anything the customer went and bought another burger for the munchies. For all anyone knows that employee uses the marijuana for medicinal purposes.(Whether the authorities think its medicinal or not)

    • Charles Waller on said:

      Patients don’t typically mix tobacco with medical cannabis once they realize they are not just “getting high”, but treating actual medical conditions. Nicotine is a toxic, addictive substance. “Blunts” are a waste of cannabis, imo.

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