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Rapper/rock star Kanye West has decided he is going to boycott luxury fashion label Louis Vuitton because the vice president of the company couldn’t understand why he needed to take a meeting with Kanye. The rapper was so offended by Louis Vuitton’s brushoff, he went on a tour of interviews and urged black people not to shop at Louis Vuitton.

Well, a lot of people had something to say about Kanye West wanting black people to boycott Louis Vuitton because a lot of the people Kanye was speaking to chalked Kanye’s movement up to him having a case of “rich n*gga problems.” Comedian Katt Williams doesn’t think Kanye has a case of “rich n*gga problems,” but wishes West would use his power for something else.

TMZ cameramen caught up with the comedian outside of the airport where he flashed his own Louis Vuitton luggage and hoped that Kanye West would use his power for something else. Check out what Katt Williams had to say below.

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