Houston Independent School District (HISD) support officer Dr. Tameca Richardson stirred up some real controversy when she addressed the female population at Jack Yates High School at an assembly, pointing out that some of them were dressing like “hoes.”

Richardson’s degrading use of language has raised the ire of many parents and the issue has forced the school district to issue a public explanation, coupled with an apology, according to MyFox Houston.

A spokesperson for HISD told MyFox Houston that Richardson’s reference was not meant to offend but to inspire the young girls at the high school to dress in attire that is more in line with the campus dress code.

Many of the parents at the predominantly Black school, however, were not so understanding and took Richardson’s reference as an outright offense. The angry parents felt that the term “hoes” was a vulgar choice of words that a Ph.D. educator should have refrained from using.

Cynthia King, a parent of a child who attends the school, said that Richardson should be taken to task for her insensitivity.

“That was out of line and she should be disciplined for that,” King said. “You don’t know what kind of home half of these girls are coming from or any of these kids are coming from for you to make a statement like that. You don’t know their living condition and you don’t know their parents financial state. That may be the only thing they have to wear. It’s inconsiderate.”

Late Monday afternoon, HISD issued a statement explaining the incident and apologized for the administrator’s comments. Richardson’s name was never mentioned in the statement, however the school official’s name was provided to MyFox Houston by an unidentified spokesperson for HISD.

The HISD statement reads as follows:

HISD has been made aware of an all-girls assembly at Yates High School on Friday where students reported being offended by a female school administrator who was discussing appropriate school attire. Although the administrator had good intentions and was trying to instill pride and purpose in the students, her approach and tone were perhaps inappropriate and not approved by the district. The district apologizes to all Yates students who were offended and wants to assure families and community members this will not happen again.

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9 thoughts on “Houston School Administrator Under Fire For Saying Students Dressed Like “Hoes”

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    Documentary: Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined.

    One was the national service plan (PDF) on his campaign
    Website, which said that “Schools that require service as part of the educational experience create improved learning environments and serve as resources for their communities.

  2. Oodles on said:

    if the kids are dressed like hoes then they are dressed like hoes. she had to get their attention, she did. now fix your children’s attire before coming to school instead of making excuses. the real issue is lack of parenting.

  3. Jiggy5 on said:

    I find it hard to believe that Shaniqua Jordashe and her daughter, LaQuinta Chanel are not dressing like proper women. Obviously racial profiling.

  4. Seriously? Loll. That might be all they have to wear due to their parents financial status? BULLSHIIIII! Shouldn’t have bought whorish clothes if your bank acct is low.

  5. Nebraska_Girl on said:

    whether is was meant to “inspire” or “motivate”, it was still very much inappropriate for someone of the principals stature. There are many different ways to get your point across. I, myself would have been offeneded. Not because of what she said but because she is supposed to be setting a standard and being an example.

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