During the holiday season, a period where goodwill is traditionally embraced, it’s discouraging – but not surprising — to watch conservatives unleash their contempt for President Barack Obama.

Here’s the most recent example. Dinesh D’Souza, the right-wing commentator and filmmaker who released the biased documentary “2016: Obama’s America,” tweeted a message last week that caused an online furor.

“I am thankful this week when I remember that America is big enough and great enough to survive Grown-Up Trayvon in the White House!”

Wonderful holiday sentiment: Calling Obama a “Grown-Up Trayvon?” What does D’Souza actually mean?

“Feigned outrage on the left over me calling Obama ‘grown up Trayvon’ except that Obama likened himself to Trayvon!” D’Souza tweeted.

Why is D’Souza making a critical reference to Obama’s comments after the acquittal of George Zimmerman who claimed self-defense when he shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin?

Critics of D’Souza responded quickly. One tweeter asked: “So is D’Souza’s point that Obama should be shot?”

Interesting question.

D’Souza’s remarks are not only vile and inappropriate when directed at the president, but he also disrespects the memory of Trayvon Martin. D’Souza has absolutely no compassion for Martin’s parents who are still grieving over the loss of their son.

And Republicans actually wonder out loud why they can’t get black folks to join the Republican Party.

Meanwhile, the president’s remarks about Trayvon Martin were right on point.

“When Trayvon Martin was first shot, I said that this could have been my son,” the president said in July. “Another way of saying that is Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.”

In a deeply personal reflection about racial polarization, Obama steadfastly aligned himself with black men in America.

For all the black men in America who suffer racial indignities; for all the black men who have been called the N-word by racists; for all the black men who feel marginalized — and invisible — in this republic, Obama, the nation’s first black president, stood with them.

I was proud of the president.

D’Souza’s tweets, however, are part of a broader campaign by conservatives to criticize the president no matter how obnoxious or disrespectful.

A few weeks ago, Sen. Ted Cruz, the Republican from Texas, criticized Obama’s Affordable Care Act by linking Obama to Nigerian con men.

“You may have noticed that all the Nigerian email scammers have become a lot less active lately,” Cruz told a conservative audience. “They all have been hired to run the Obamacare website.”

This is what it’s come to in the halls of Congress: A black joke? And a black joke told in public?

But here’s the big picture: D’Souza and Cruz are desperate to fire up their right-wing base by any means necessary one year before congressional elections.

It’s unfortunate that even for a few weeks during a joyful season Republicans still need to show their disdain for President Obama.

For the GOP, hatred never takes a holiday.

(Photo: AP)

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9 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: For the GOP, Obama Hatred Never Takes a Holiday

  1. A. Roberts on said:

    I am so sick of these right wingers and Republicans talking and bad mouthing our President. Come the elections in 2014, we all need to get out and vote every Republican out of office during the mid-term elections. You see what they are trying to do, make his legacy so bad that no one will remember his name. We still have to stand behind him and get him so help in a hurry.

  2. Sandra on said:

    I would not pay attention to Dinesh’s comments. Does he believe he would become the President of the United States one day?

  3. natedogii on said:

    Oh you poor dumb ass bitches you think the GOP care about your poor white trash ass’s hate all you want I love white people but not all you White dumb ass GOP Bitches oh one other thing niggas Jeus was BLACK oh and if he drops the welfare a lot of your white friends would be let in the cold jackass JanCorey

  4. natedogii on said:

    Oh you poor dumb ass bitches you think the GOP care about your poor white trash ass’s hate all you want I love white people but not all you White dumb ass GOP Bitches oh one other thing niggas Jeus was BLACK

  5. It’s funny how people think killing is only done by black. What you don’t relize is that killing is done by people of all races. Other races are not exposed as much. They are only exposed when they kill hundreds of people at time!

  6. the Timekeeper on said:

    to all of those who would respond to JValedz and JanCoey on this post, please do not bother. They are paid by the Koch brothers to come on any website that discusses minority issues. their intent is not an objecitve dialogue but rhate rto incite anger, spew racism and add bigotry into this commentary. So please let them be and leave this post without even responding to them. They are both full of hate and have been doing this for the past year. Even if you were to respind with a logical comment or response, they would in turn just become more indignant and fierce in their race baiting. Jst let them be and save your commentary for amore useful and pleasant conversation elsewhere.

  7. DAM!!! those racist Republicans why don’t they get the hell out of the way so this President can REALLY run this country DOWN THE S&^T HOLE, black unemployment highest it’s ever been, healthcare
    for those who did have it ether canceled or going up, 48% on public assistance, now just imagine
    how much more he could do without those REP’s

  8. JanCorey on said:

    Maybe if Obama dropped all the welfare programs for any person over the age of 5, he might have a chance to regain some credibility with the masses that he has totally lost. Have the welfare people get their money from their families that created the problems in the first place instead of relying upon us tax-payers to push them cash and assistance every week they never earned and require them ALL to work at least 40 hours each week or suspend them from any possible benefits. I am so sick of those losers and the dependency-groups-of-losers.

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