“Real Housewives of Atlanta” starlet Porsha Stewart (pictured) is being accused of pocketing thousands of dollars for a paid event to which she showed up hours late, arriving 20 minutes before it was scheduled to end, according to TMZ.

The organizer of the event, Tanika Oliver, told TMZ that she hired the 32-year-old socialite to appear at an Ocoee, Florida event at a rate of $4,000 for four hours.  Oliver alleges that she paid Stewart an upfront fee of $2,000.

The Thursday night tented event with its throngs of Stewart fans who had paid money to meet her, waited patiently for the reality show diva to arrive.  The fans waited and waited and waited…and reportedly, Stewart was a no-show, until the event’s planners had actually begun taking down the tents which was about twenty minutes before the festivities ended.

When Stewart finally arrived to Oliver’s function, she offered up a whirlwind of excuses from flight delays, to being driven to a wrong hotel by a cab driver, and then having to make a quick change into an outfit for the event.

Oliver relayed to TMZ that Stewart’s excuses were pretty much lame and to add insult to injury, she even had the audacity to demand the remaining $2,000 that was owed to her for appearing briefly at the event.

The women’s disagreement over the negotiated fee took a heated turn and police were called to quell the argument, they warned the women to settle their beef amongst themselves.

Oliver hesitantly gave Stewart the remaining monies owed but now she’s had a change of heart and has put a stop payment on the check.  Oliver feels that Stewart did not stick to her end of the bargain and wants all of her monies back pronto.

I smell a lawsuit!

2 thoughts on “RHOA’s Porsha Stewart Accused of Stealing Thousands From Fans?

  1. There is EST, Easter Standard time, Mountain Time, and West Coast Time, then there is BPT, Black People Time which runs 40 minutes later than any of the above mentioned. Damm Peeps why we can’t do the little things right?

  2. Camella Jenkins on said:

    I wouldn’t pay $4 to see that loud mouth hoodrat Porsia. Ok so supposedly she’s 32 years old, get it right orginally word was she was 27 when she first appeared on the show which was only last year. She acts like she’s 16. Wannabe celebrity.

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