One of the main illustrations of the Black is Beautiful movement was the Don Cornelius’ 1969 creation of Soul Train. With a full African American cast of dancers and advertisers targeting the Black is Beautiful movement, Soul Train was the first and largest outreach to the black community that glamorized the physical diversities of Black America. The legacy lasted for three decades on television.

For more information on the Black is Beautiful movement, as told by Dr. Henry Louis Skip Gates on the compelling PBS series “Many Rivers to Cross”, click here.

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6 thoughts on “Little Known Black History Fact: Black is Beautiful

  1. CreamBionade on said:

    One of this world’s problems could be shavism. There may be people who want to get a shameotherapy done. These folks may find hair removal with cigarettes sexually arousing, and then they’re ugly.
    This would explain the why.
    I’ve got this little burnt spot (about a square centimeter in size) since August 2006 and when only one hair grows back, then “there’s no why”.
    I understand the “how”, however, no one can look into a computer’s mind because there isn’t one. It are only threshold variables. You see how easy it is to make people behave like Nazis, you only have to exchange the swastika with a rainbow and because of the general lack of insight and irrationality, politics and propaganda are better done with computer simulations. Like Hollywood: made from smart people for retards. It’s a hint: RATED-R.

    • Agreed. Black is beautiful. So is white, yellow, brown, olive and any other hue attributed to humans. Rather than defining yourself by reference to race or color, consider spending that time improving yourself without regard to either- Improve your humanity, your intellect, your compassion, your sense of humor, your artistic sense, or any other human trait not defined by race or color (which is virtually all of them).

      • not too deep on said:

        Impartial….you totally missed the point of this article. all are beautiful yes. but this is about an era in time when anything associated with Black was considered ugly and for the sake of conforming, many black denied the love of their heritage because they were being brainwashed to hate it. That’s Impartial. I hope this brings clarity.

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