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As if she expected the “reality” to be taken out of reality TV, Traci Braxton is none too happy about her “nosy” sisters putting her husband’s infidelity on blast, publicly, without her consent on “Braxton Family Values.”

Traci, who has always been portrayed as the black sheep in the Braxton family, says her feelings were hurt by her siblings’ actions.

“I was really hurt to find out they discussed my marital problems on the show without my consent. I could not believe it but then again, my sisters are nosy,” Traci told “Tamar especially; she will make comments regardless. Whether it be her marriage, my marriage, or anyone else’s, she will have something to say. She is very vocal and will continue to do what she wants to do.”

Now the host of her own radio show, Traci has been known to blow up from time to time following her sisters comments and accusations; and as a result, she has been known as the “ghetto Braxton” – the one that could never get her act together. Producers even went so far as to label her the “wannabe.”

But things are about to change. Traci now believes that it’s time to start setting up some boundaries with the rest of the Braxton sisters.

“I think the relationship my sisters and I share is too close, at times.  They give unsolicited advice and it can be so bothersome. But that is how we grew up in our household, always in each other’s business,” Traci mused.”

Traci revealed that she’s really going to be finding her voice on “Braxton Family Values” and viewers need to get ready.

“Fans should expect to see me standing up for myself this season,” said Traci. “This time around I am sticking up and making moves for Traci.”

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