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11/19/13– Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with Dr. Melody McCloud, about the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services and it’s failure to keep children within their system safe. McCloud also explains why she is fighting for the “Eric Forbes Mandatory Referral” legislation.

5 thoughts on “Dr. Melody McCloud Needs Your Help to Save the Children of Georgia (A MUST LISTEN)

  1. t. washington on said:

    i am having the same problem with the Clayton county child service in GA. my grand kids were taken from their mom in Oct 2013. i sent my son to Atl in Oct for the emergency hearing in-which they held. my son was advise that he could not get the kids due to his background and child support status. i was advise by one of the case workers that the mother had an say so in who will get the kids, and she did not want me to get them. mind you that i have had them before for the last 5 year in and out of my home. the children’s were placed with my cousin temporary, cause she did not want them to go into the system, based on the report of children’s being hurt. i have since made attempts to get the kids placed in my household. but since i live in Cleveland, they are stating that i need to have an home inspection, that can take 6 mon. i have sent pictures of my home to the case worker and also my financial information along with a letter, that i can provide for the children’s. i am now being told that i have to come to atl and fill out paperwork, me and my cousins to see if i can get the children’s. every time you speak to a caseworker or supervisor you get different answers, no one is consistent in what they are telling you. they do not return phone calls. when you do speak to a supervisor, this is what we were told, that the children was not placed in children service, so we cannot help you. but in fact the kids were taken from their mother, so that is in a sense of taking the children into your service. the mother has to complete a case plan, just like my some to see if they can get the children. i am for protecting the kids, but these caseworker need to be trained more. the rules are basically the same cause this is federal guided. so i am on my way to Atl, Ga to FIGHT to get my grand kids, placed in my home in Ohio.

  2. My grand kids have been hostages of foster care in Georgia for over 18 months. The family was never given the opportunity to provide a safe and loving environment. No family member was given the opportunity to prevent this hostage situation on my grand children.
    The case work provided incompetent excuse along with the attorney appointed for all parties involved. Comments were made to the judge about situation with my grand children being “part of the “bureaucracy” between the State of Geargia & Florida.
    When calling Child Protectives Services in the state of Georgia. You get a recording. Please help get Preston & Peyton Iloka back with family before it’s to late. Peyton has already become defiant and unruly. We can take care of our own as a strong family unit.

  3. Gaynell Collins on said:

    I want to help in this mandate. I also have grandchildren who are being mentally, emotionally, and physically abused by their mother and step-father (who is a convicted felon). CPS has been called and says that the abuse does not require an investigation. Each time CPS came out, the mother threatened the children if they told the truth. One of my grandsons has left the home of his mother. This kid is pulled from his sleep at 1:00 in the morning to go wash dishes. The mother works for the sheriff department and therefore uses her cronnies to threaten the children and their father and their father’s family. The mother had a traumatic childhood where she didn’t know her father or any of his family. My son has spent over $15,000 in family court seeking justice for his children to no avail. I can go on and on. My son pays her child support for his 3 children but the youngest son lives with his father. How messed up is that? In the meantime, the children suffers. Please tell me what we can do to aid these defenseless children.

  4. I am a big support of anyone fighting for childrens rights. This is getting out of control! I live in NC but I want to know how I can contribute to this and we help the nation fight back these criminals who harm defenseless children.

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