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USA Today is under fire for a headline that accompanied its story about the box office numbers for “The Best Man Holiday” in comparison to Disney’s “Thor: The Dark World.”

“Holiday Nearly Beat Thor as Race-Themed Films Soar,” the paper wrote in its box office report, prompting many to voice their objections across social media.

Many felt that while the cast is predominantly African American, Universal‘s sequel centers on relationships, not race. The uproar led USA Today to twice modify its headline.

It currently reads: “’Best Man Holiday’ nearly beats mighty ‘Thor’.”

What do you think?

Who Wore What at the ‘Best Man Holiday’ L.A. Premiere?
24 photos

5 thoughts on “USA Today’s ‘The Best Man Holiday’ Headline Draws Complaints

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  2. I felt they did a great job. It dealt with so many issues and delivered a positive message for each. They kept the comedy throughout. After 15 years, I didn’t expect them to deliver such a great script. I am happy I was wrong and anticipate the 3rd movie.

  3. I am glad the movie did well at the box office. But it was just an okay movie to me. Maybe it was all of the hype but I didn’t think the script or some of the plot was thought through very well (especially having a 15 year hiatus). I was really displeased with the baby delivery scene, that was not believable. I expected better.

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