Everybody is out here trying to survive on the paycheck they receive from their jobs. However, when you continually short employees on their money, they are liable to pull something like this.

A valet company in Florida had to deal with a major crisis at the beginning of the week. After their employees became disgruntled about not getting paid, the employees dumped a box containing all of the car keys in the parking lot on the ground. While dumping a box of keys seems very small, it caused a lot of drama because this valet service works at Port Miami.

The simple dumping of the box caused customers to have to wait 5-7 hours for their cars to be removed from the lot. Some people got on the ground and searched through the huge pile of keys to retrieve their own, but others called locksmiths to open their vehicles. One customer named Brian Kline said, “They had just a mosh pit of people scrambling through keys, and people saying they’re gonna miss their flight, some people screaming they’re gonna call the police.”

The valet company that runs the parking lot, Premier Parking, is placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of their disgruntled employees. However, the employees are saying none of this would’ve happened had they been paid on time. no matter who is really at fault, the customers who were stranded for hours will certainly be sending their locksmith and towing bills to Premier Parking.

How would you react in this situation?

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