Judge Greg Mathis joins the Tom Joyner Morning Show to talk about Season 15 of his court TV show, the Judge Mathis Grocery Giveaway, and his latest project on BET, “The Mathis Project.”

“The Mathis Project” premieres November 8, at 10pm ET.

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5 thoughts on “Judge Mathis ‘We’re [Trying] to Address this No-Snitch Syndrome’

  1. Amber Hudson on said:

    It’s really sad how much a so called judge from jail uses perjury of the United States constitution almost every day.
    In his episode today he stated, that jobs without permission to do a background check use Twitter and Facebook to research people’s history from inception of their account.
    So Facebook an entertainment venue is now a place to do illegal personal investigations.
    Even though many cases in real courts have to get subpoenas for such information.
    He also went on to state I guess from his welfare upbringing and jail house dating, how young men only use women for money as a general fact of conduct of young men in today’s enlighten times.
    “They want a couple of dollars”
    The only good part in this statement from AKA Judge Mathis is the guy and gal he referenced was White.
    Thank GOD.
    Well America keep on trucking and wonder why some judges are on TV courts and not hearing your cases any more in real courts.
    Thank God once again.

  2. Bigmo the Boss on said:

    Am I hearing thug, turned judge finally bringing out his new uncle Tom imagery… you gonna be born on the hood, get raised in the hood, say you understand the hood, but then turn coat on the hood, with your uncle.Tommery??……You Mr.Mathis, along with.everybody else in the U.S. know exactly why there is a no snitch attitude in the hood……..A plethera of reasons……Now you gonna shine on us, because you got yours and got out the hood…No hate though…..I applaud you for getting out of the hood, but don’t act like you forgot…..

  3. blackspeak on said:

    The “No Snitch” phenomena only hurts the people who live in those communities where the criminals victimize their neighbors… Its the most stupid pathology in the black community..

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